We packed up our mittens, coats, layers, winter hats and on our way, we were to Kentucky. Out first stop Bardstown. We arrived at Bardstown, Kentucky at midnight in 16-degree weather. Let me tell you from the moment we pulled up into this town I completely agreed it was America’s  “Most Beautiful Small Town” for sure. Once you get to downtown Bardstown it’s just beautiful. We had wanted to make it to the “Light up Bardstown” event that they have in November but we were unable to attend. It is definitely on my list of things to do the next time we go to Bardstown. However, the tree was so pretty along with the light from St. Joseph church just added to the Christmasy feel.Which is just across the street.

We spent our first night at Old Bardstown Inn. Since we arrived late we had to ring the door bell and wait for someone to come to the window and open the door for us. Our room was clean, roomy and warm!! We paid $55 for one night. Overall, I was happy that is until the next day. Having a big family I only stay at hotels that offer complimentary breakfast. That way we only have to worry about 2 meals instead of 3. Anyways, the breakfast was VERY disappointing!! They had stale cereal and funny tasting milk along with a loaf of bread. So if you are looking for a hotel with a good breakfast spread this is not the hotel for you. However, if breakfast is not high on your list then this is a good place to stay

Our first stop was My Old Kentucky Home. We felt that this was a good stop so that our children could get a glimpse of how life was on a plantation in Kentucky. I strongly encourage everyone to go and take the tour. The tour is reasonably priced $12 for adults and $9-11 for children. You are greeted at the door by your tour guide. (who is dressed in typical clothing of that time). Once she greets you she welcomes you inside the 3-story mansion she stops at the stairwell and sings the state song (My Old Kentucky Home) -interesting fact. It is said that Stephen Foster was inspired to write the song when visiting his cousins in that very same mansion. Pretty cool right! The tour does not allow you to take pictures. Each room has a story to tell. There are two stories that stick out the most. One is the story of how 6 people died from water contamination in the house and the other was the story about the Christmas pickle. I had NEVER heard this story but it is an interesting game to play at Christmas time. The children’s interest peeked so much that now they want to add a pickle to our tree. The creepiest thing in the mansion is a painting of one of the sisters. Her eyes seem to follow you where ever you go. Creepy!!! This tour was so packed with information I would recommend for you to stop by and tour it. I would like to return during Halloween time I hear they have a great Halloween event.


After the tour, we went on to visit St. Joseph Proto Cathedral which was formed in 1808. This Cathedral is known as The First Catholic Diocese West of the Allegheny Mountains hence the name Proto Catherdal (meaning the 1st Cathedral). Tour guides are aavailable from April-October if you are interested in taking one.As you can see St. Joseph is a beautiful church and has many beautiful old painting for your viewing. If visiting churches with history is something you are interested in then this is a good place to stop by for a visit.

There are several good breweries to visit in Bardstown as well. We were unable to do so this time around. But we could smell it in the air. It is definately something look into for the next visit. All in all Bardstown really does live up to “America’s Most Beautiful Small Town” So if you get a chance stop by and visit.

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  1. the sophia diaries

    ooohhhh, never heard of this place before! I definitely gotta look into visiting here some tim!!

  2. Regretting I never got to Kentucky during my US trip a few years ago, this town looks so lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I used to live in Kentucky and never heard of this place! Going to have to add it to our list for next time we’re in the area!

  4. I am adding this to our travel bucket list. I’m not sure who will enjoy it more … my oldest son or me!

  5. It sounds like an amazing place to take the family to! I just love that it’s peaceful there and there are also so many places to explore!

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