Lincoln Heritage Trail

Lincoln Heritage Trail

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most remembered Presidents of all time. It was fun and educational to take part in the Lincoln Heritage Trail. This trail goes through many different cities in Kentucky. We were only able to do part of the trail in the surrounding area due to time limitations. We learned SO much about Lincoln on our journey along the Lincoln Heritage Trail.


Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park-Hodgenville, KY: Here you can see the First Lincoln Memorial, the sinking spring and the symbolic birth cabin (my kids asked the guard is this really the house he lived in? LOL). Before you actually go to any of the above mentioned they have a little museum/gift shop where you can purchase items. Did you know they also have a piece of the Boundary Tree, it is a piece of the actual tree that lived when Lincoln was alive! After you’ve walked around and seen all there is to see in the museum you can take a seat and watch an informative Lincoln video (this plays every 30 minutes). One of the items the kids really enjoyed seeing was the Lincoln family Bible!!!! They also enjoyed studying all the old tools and the replica of the inside of Lincoln’s home. This was fun and educational for them because they got a chance to fill out their Jr. Ranger activity booklet so that they could earn their pin. After we finished all the inside activities we went out to the park to see the Lincoln Memorial. Let me tell you the kids enjoyed walking up/running up the 56 steps to the memorial building (interesting fact each step represents a year of his life). They were so excited to see what was inside the memorial. When we finally walked in all we heard was “Wow!” “Cool!” They were taken aback by how small the house was. Here’s an interesting thing we learned while there. You can sleep overnight in one of the four replica cabins they have at the park. Isn’t that cool?.


Two Lincolns: Boy and Man-Hodgenville, KY: This is NOT part of the trail but it’s a nice addition. It’s in the middle of the town. It’s a great photo op place. Did you know because we didn’t? That the statue of Lincoln the man was unveiled in 1909! Wow, that was a long time ago right? But what about Lincoln the boy you say? Well, he wasn’t added until 2008. Almost 100 years later!!!



Abraham Lincoln Boyhood Home at Knob Creek– Hodgenville, KY: This stop was a great place to come and learn while stretching your legs. It was great to be able to actually be at Knob Creek after hearing about it in History class. There was lots of information that we were unaware of but learned here. The kids really enjoyed getting a chance to run around from sign to sign learning about everything that was posted. It is so incredibly peaceful here. It is an amazing feeling that many, many years ago young Abe actually walked down that very path. Oh, the cabin here does not belong to Lincoln it is the cabin of the boy who saved Lincoln from drowning in Knob Creek.

Lincoln Homestead State Park-Springfield, KY: Here you can see the ORIGINAL home of Nancy Hanks, Lincoln’s mom. You can also see replicas of his father’s boyhood home and blacksmith shop. Further down the road, you see the home of Mordecai Lincoln, Abe’s uncle.  The Lincoln cabin is a replica of Grandma Beersheba’s log cabin, where Thomas Lincoln lived until he was 25 years old. Even though it is a replica it is sitting on the site of the original home.I can’t believe she raised 5 children in that cabin. It just goes to show you how much simpler life was back then.  If you happen to be in the area and would like a tour you can get one for $2.50 a person. Just keep in mind they do not do tours from Sept.-May. We happened to go during the closed season so we only got to peek through the windows. But we would definitely like to go back during the open season so that we can go inside.


Lincoln Legacy Museum and Statue-Springfield, KY: This museum is housed in the old Springfield courthouse. But you know what makes it more unique? The marriage certificate for Abraham Lincoln’s parents was found in this courthouse. You can even see it!! The lady who works in the museum is AWESOME! She was very willing to help out for our project. She even gave us extra bookmarks to hand out as part of the project. They kids were so happy. At the museum, you hear the audio story about how life was back then and a story about Thomas. It was very interesting. You can also see statues that artists submitted to be selected as the statue to be outside the new courthouse. They were all very nice. If you get a chance to stop by a definitely recommend it.

State Capitol Rotunda-Frankfort, KY: The Kentucky Capitol building is a beautiful place to visit. So rich in history. This statue can be found in the rotunda along with many other important men who made Kentucky great. So if you are following the Lincoln trail this is a nice quick stop.


Lincoln Wedding Memorial Parking Space-Elizabethtown: Even though this is NOT part of the trail it was a great addition. It is located at 117 N. Main St. it’s right next to the alley and this is the spotwheree many years ago Lincoln’s father married his 2nd wife. Now the interesting thing about this the stone under them is from the foundation of the original house where Thomas and Sarah Lincoln were wed in 1819. Cool right!

Apart from all the educational value that we got out of doing this trip you know what was the next best thing??? All these places were FREE and you left FULL of knowledge and experiences!!

**Note we did not finish the Lincoln Trail but we are planning to. Once we get to visit the other places we will add them on to this post.***

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  1. What a wonderful history lesson! I love all the pictures too!

  2. This is something I would love to take my kids on! My husband and I love history! One day we hope to travel Europe and also see WW2 sites.

  3. Looks like a good time. I’ll have to check it out when in the area.

  4. Love getaways that also give history lessons! I feel like children especially absorb the information better when they visually see things like this in person vs in a text book!

  5. Looks like a great place to explore soon! I love history too!


  6. Looks like a great place to explore and I love history too! I usually visit Museums first whenever I go places new to me too 😀

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  7. this looks like fun and educational all at the same time! Nice job!! Her jacket is too cute!! Hope you get to do this again!

  8. I love anything to do with history like this. In used to visit a lot of the heritage buildings here where we live with my Grandparents when in was young. It looks like you had a great time.
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  9. It’s nice to bring kids on such heritage trails so that they learn about the people who build or contributed to the society! I will do that with my kids in future too!

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