Dork Diary 3 & 4

Dork Diary 3 & 4

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In this post, we are going to be reviewing the Dork Diary Series! I totally LOVE this series and I am sure you will too.!!! Check it out!

#3: Tales from a not so talented Pop Star By: Rachel Renee Russell

In this book the main character 8th grader, Niki Maxwell has to deal with her archenemy, MacKenzie Hollister AKA Queen CCP (Cute, Cool, Popular).You see Niki is attending Westchester Country Day School on a scholarship. But one day her dad (the school bug exterminator) is late for an appointment!!! Niki starts to freak because she thinks her scholarship is over. So, in an attempt to be awarded another scholarship she decided to compete in WCD ‘s Talent Showcase. It is then that Niki starts up her own band, Actually, I am not Sure Yet! Cool right! I mean what’s cooler than a middle school band?? Stop by your local library or bookstore to see if they win the talent show? Do they become rich and famous or not?

So if you’re looking fur a mew book to cuddle up with then I Totally Recommend Dork Diaries #3 to anyone who is up for a good laugh. This book is very entertaining plus it’s a super easy read. This book can be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Kitty Cat Rating:  >^..^<          >^..^<            >^..^<            >^..^<            >^.   (4.5/5)

AR Book info:  Word Count 27, 459         Reading Level: 4.9     Points: 4.0     Test Number: 144765

 #4: Tales from a NOT-SO– Graceful Ice Princess By: Rachel Renee Russell

In this book, Niki Maxwell is in the gym when the teacher announces that the school is hosting the “Holiday on Ice” Show! The winner gets $1,000 for their charity. Nikki picks fuzzy friends because it is about to close! When the show comes around Nikki, Chloe, and Zoe are going to do the Sugar Plum fairy dance but their costumes go missing! So they have to be clowns!!! Then they get trapped in a storage closet! But, Brandon and Brianna come to the rescue with 5 minutes left until show time!!! Will they be ready? Do they win?? Who locked them in the storage??

So if you’re looking fur a mew book to cuddle up with then I Totally Recommend Dork Diaries # 4 to anyone who is up for a good laugh. This book is very entertaining plus it’s a super easy read. This book can be enjoyed by both boys and girls

Kitty Cat Rating:  >^..^<          >^..^<            >^..^<            >^..^<            >^.   (4.5/5)

AR Book info:  Word Count 28,373       Reading Level: 4.5     Points: 4.0     Test Number: 152355

Remember reading is MEOWsome! I am not kitten! Come back for our next Kid to Kid Book Review By: Kitty Angel Book Reviews


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  1. I think my friends little boy would love this book! He’s really cheeky and loves things like Horrid Henry and Tracey Beaker 🙂 x

  2. Dork Diaries #3 sounds like a hilarious read! Tweens are sure to enjoy this book and this series.
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  3. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I would have enjoyed this book as a tween! I bet the humor in it resonates with that age group.

  4. Sounds like a great book for the tweenies . I also read all sorts of books, so I probably would like to. And that cat omg, so cute!
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  5. Love learning about books for my boys. I have a 10-year old that reads all the time.

  6. I will definitely give it a try with my little one! 🙂

  7. Crystal Carder

    This book would be great for my nieces, they love to read. They are in that stage where they love finding humor in things, I bet they would love reading this.

  8. This sounds super funny such a great book!

  9. I loved reading these books to my son when he was younger. They are so funny. I love your review!

  10. interesting post! kudos to encouraging reading !

  11. I love the review! Can’t wait to read this with my first grader!

  12. KITTEN!!! That is the cutest picture ever!!! Also, my sister used to be obsessed with the Dork Diaries series, I’ll have to tell her about this, maybe she’s still obsessed haha

  13. My nephew would love this book. Reading is one of his favorite pastimes. It is so important for kids to enjoy reading.

  14. My niece and nephew would love this book! Sounds like a really fun read which is perfect for kids!

  15. This book seems great, I’m not young anymore but still gonna save it in my reading list for the summer haha. Bet this book’s gonna be MEOWsome!!

  16. Ugh what a super cute kitten! I saw one running around the other day and I tried so hard to catch it.

  17. This sounds like a super cute book. I think my daughter would love it!

  18. I am sure my daughter will love this! Really great reads!

  19. Ha, it reminds me of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid for some reason anyway, but for girls. I love it!

  20. I’ve never read Dork Diaries but it seems kind of like The Diary of a Wimpy Sixth Grader but for girls. Thanks for linking up with Reading Roundup!

  21. Sounds interesting! I would love to get a copy for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I would have definitely enjoyed this book as a tween! I’ll put it on my Christmas list ideas for the kiddos. 🙂

  23. Dork Diaries #3 seems an interesting book with your short review of it.

  24. My 8-year-old loves these books! I need to grab her a few more before school starts so she’s got something fun to read.

  25. My oldest would maybe be interested in this. I wonder if it would be too “girly” though since he’s at that age.

  26. My daughter is just getting into chapter books and I’ve been looking for new ones for her. I am def going to check these out!

  27. That kitten picture is too much!! The book sounds fun too 😛

  28. How did I NOT know this book was out? My daughter loves the diary series and she would love to read this – I need to get this one for her asap!

  29. Dork Diaries? Aww sounds like such a cute read.

  30. I love reading! So sad I don’t have as much time to read more. I wonder if my son would like this book!!

  31. This sounds a great book to read. I love reading books and can’t wait to start reading a new book.
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  32. Looks like a lovely fun read. Will recommened to my mumma friends x

  33. Sounds like a great story to read. It sounds fun and entertaining. Will definitely check this out in the bookstores.
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  34. Thanks for your review – my boys love these. am definitely going to buy them now 🙂

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