Free Admission to National Parks 2017

So with a big family, we are always looking for ways to save. Well, we’re in luck because this year The National Park Service turned 100 years old! Whoa! Right! And just how are they going to celebrate this huge moment???  Well, they are going to allow us all to enjoy free entrance to US National Parks on certain days. Now, get this ALL 409 National Parks will give out FREE admission on certain days so find a park near you or better yet venture out.

  • January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • February 20: Presidents’ Day
  • April 15-16 and 22-23: Weekends of National Park Week
  • August 25: National Park Service Birthday
  • September 30: National Public Lands Day
  • November 11-12: Veterans Day Weekend

Now if you don’t get to make it on these days don’t worry because all the parks offer free annual passes for active duty military and children in fourth grade too.

If you would like to take part in events that the park has scheduled check them all out HERE. Taking part in these events make the trip all the more interesting. We strongly recommend them.


152 thoughts on “Free Admission to National Parks 2017

  1. This will definitely be a good way to save and enjoy some quality time with the family.

  2. This is really great that there will be free admission for these national parks.Hope you will visit the parks with the kids.
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  3. The NPS also offers a senior discount and free admission for disability. Make sure to check online because you might qualify for a lifetime access pass! Turns out, I did!

  4. Yes!!! I am so excited that the national parks are free this year. Going to take full advantage of it 🙂

  5. We are looking into these lately for planning our camping trips! I didn’t know there were so many days! I thought it was just once a year! Good to know thanks for sharing!

  6. This sounds awesome! I love the idea of going to national parks, there are several near us. I need to keep this in mind for this fall when we are looking for travel ideas. Thanks for this!

  7. Oh thanks for sharing! This is really worth noting. It is more fun when it’s free.

  8. national parks are always a good way to spend time with your family! Little hikes are just the best. Thanks for all the ideas!
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  9. I’ve always wanted to visit a National Park. This will certainly come in-handy especially when you have a large family.

  10. Ahh love national parks! They always are so relaxing!

  11. We just our passes this year and my brother in law qualified for free passes for life! I can’t wait to explore our state’s National Parks and then to see more!

  12. I had no idea that there were free national park days. We have a state parks pass that we purchased in May, but this would come in handy if we are travelling during the time to another state.

  13. Oh, thanks for sharing! I’m always looking for ways to save when I’m doing family outings.

  14. This is great! What an amazing way to explore National Park. I wish we had something similar in the U.K.

  15. we just missed national park week. Just went to Acadia

  16. Such an awesome idea to have people be able to discover our National Parks!

  17. I love national parks! Unfortunately we’re not getting out much this year because my husband has grad school on Saturdays, but next year we’ll have three day weekends every week, so hopefully they have the same free days!

  18. It’s great they have these offers which make family outings more manageable costwise

  19. I just saw this list a few days ago. I wish I had seen it earlier in the year to take advantage of more parks.

  20. What a great offer so people can get to the parks and enjoy. Thanks for sharing, hopefully more families will take advantage and get outside!

  21. There are a lot of parks by me but I have to find out which are the National Parks. It is always a great treat to hike the parks and free admission is a deal.

  22. We were lucky enough to get into yellowstone for free this time last year when they were celebrating the national parks anniversary! It’s awesome that they offer free admission days
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  23. I need to find out where the National Parks are near me. That is some deal and a great time to explore a new park.

  24. This is lovely! National Parks are one of my favorite places because it’s relaxing and there’s plenty to explore. It would be nice to go there on a hooiday and take advantage of the free admission.

  25. I’m a huge fan of anything FREE, but it’s an added bonus when it’s ‘family friendly’ and FREE!

  26. I didn’t know there were free days. It’s on my bucket list to visit all the National Park in the USA, so I’ll keep these days in mind.
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  27. Thanks for the list of free days! We love exploring parks, and we always are on the look out for places with free days and/or times!
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  28. I’m all about any way to have fun with the family on a dime! I have three kids and tickets get pricey. This sounds perfect!

  29. Oh my gosh! I’d completely forgotten about special days with free admission to national parks. Thank you so, so much for sharing the dates. I’ll be sharing this news with family and friends!

  30. Thanks so much of this tip! My family is always looking for something new and affordable to do, and these parks having free admission is even better. I’ll have to look a few up in my area!

  31. I heard my relatives there are going to those places this coming weekend. Wish we could come too.

  32. Thanks so much of this tip! My family is always looking for something new and affordable to do, and these parks having free admission is even better. I’ll have to look a few up in my area!

  33. America has the best national parks ever! Every blog post or documentary I watch, I have such an urge to one day visit. I’m so intrigued by your national parks. This is so great that its free!

  34. I love taking the kids to national parks, I think it’s a great way to spend time with them and allow them to appreciate nature as well. It’s so good to know which ones have free entrances when there’s a holiday!

  35. How cool! I love taking my kids to National Parks and even the state parks in my area. I think the free admission days are great and I love that active duty Military gets the passes.
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  36. My mom always takes advantage of free entry into the national parks every year. She lives in Alaska, so they are basically in every neighborhood lol!!!

  37. We love going to parks and playgrounds, especially when we travel to another country. Glad to know that these parks offer free admission!
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  38. This is excellent to know, thank you! I will do a search of the parks in our area!

  39. We always take advantage of this every year. Then we usually spend an extra few days in the area!
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  40. This is great news!! I really want to explore the national parks. I have been to so few.

  41. If only the place was local to me. I live across the ocean 🙂 I hope everyone who gets to go will enjoy their experience! It sounds amazing 🙂

  42. Great idea! This looks so awesome and fun.Really perfect for kids

  43. I had no idea National Parks offered free admission on certain holidays. I guess I assumed they would be closed. Next time I plan a trip during a holiday, I’ll be sure to take advantage of these free options.

  44. This sounds great and a brilliant opportunity to get out into the fresh air and enjoy some family time!

  45. What a great idea. Hope you get to make the most of the offers.

  46. Jennifer Seigler l Life of a Southern Mom

    Thank you for the information. i did not know there was such a thing as free admission on certain holidays. I will take note of this and plan appropriately. My boys will be thrilled!

  47. We love to go to different parks when we travel so this is a great list. Keeping it saved!

  48. This is good to know. It can get so expensive when you take the whole family to any sort of parks. Thank you!

  49. Veterans Day weekend sounds good for us, I’m hoping the weather cools down by then! It’s been so hot lately!

  50. Thank you for spreading the word! It’s good to know that parks have free admission on some holidays, I will definitely have to keep these dates in mind.

    ~ xo Sheree

  51. That is really awesome. I don’t know that I’ve ever been to a national park but 7 seasons of watching Parks and Rec has peaked my interest lol I think it’s great they are providing this opportunity for people.
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  52. Thanks! I always forget about national parks as an option when i am trying to think of something to do as a family, but I actually can’t think of anything better!

  53. This sounds like a great way to take advantage of the free admission to the park. I’m not from the area but I appreciate States giving free admission to their people

  54. I just took my son out to the wildlife park near the mountain here. Love the parks and activities

  55. Wow, this is so amazing!! I definitely want to take advantage of this and visit as many parks as I can this year!
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  56. I love this tip!! I had no idea, I only knew about the Canada 150 free parks one which I have!

  57. It’s so important to us to save money on family activities. Thanks for putting this list together!

  58. I need to take advantage of this! It’s so amazing how we can do this!

  59. I love that there is free admission. These kinds of activities stick in the memories of the kids (and us too).

  60. This is awesome and thanks for sharing. This is a great way to spend time with your family without having to worry about the cost of tickets that are sometimes too pricey especially when you have a big family.

  61. Thanks for providing this list! I’m going to have to plan a visit during MLK day.

  62. We love visiting the parks during this time. THank you for the reminder of the dates.

  63. Wicked awesome list! Thanks for sharing this! I love going to National Parks with my husband and sometimes, if allowed, our dog Riley! It’s the best way to make memories and enjoy nature.

  64. Sounds like a really good time! Wish I was closer to this area.

  65. This is an amazing way to enjoy the National Parks without needing to worry about money. Thanks for sharing the dates!

  66. This list is great! If I lived closer, I’d definitely check it out.

  67. I love visiting parks in the summer time as they are at their most beautiful and in full bloom. I go with friends and family and make a picnic trip of it. I must plan something before Fall hits.

  68. I didn’t know that you can get free admission to parks on major holidays! I know what my hubby and I will be doing later this year.

  69. That’s so cool! I didn’t know about this, I only have my canada 150 parks pass but feel like I haven’t finished visiting all the parks I want! Are you going to any of the parks during those holidays?

  70. We LOVE visiting National Parks! There’s so many great ones near us but we’ve been planning a vacation around the parks out west next summer!

    Carrie & Shannon |

  71. It’s brilliant that you can enjoy the National Parks for free and celebrate their birthday too.

  72. Good to note. I’ll add these to my calendar.

  73. My family and I haven’t done much traveling this year between pregnancy and the birth of my child, but I look forward to going on more road trips. National parks are my favorite!

  74. Whaaat! This is so cool, I had no idea! I will definitely be heading to some parks for these days. So fun!

  75. I wish we could travel to National Parks more as a family. I had no idea they had days where you could get in with free admission!

  76. The National parks are something that every family should visit. With a big family it is important to find free things to do. Nations parks can be really interesting to visit and the kids can learn so much which I think is important. Thanks for sharing the information.

  77. THIS IS SO HELPFUL I LOVE IT. I had no idea and I love parks

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