Magic Time Machine

Magic Time Machine

Magic Time Machine is located on the Northeast side of San Antonio and has been apart of the community since 1973. This restaurant is heavily themed and really appeals to kids and adults alike.  This place is so good that they have a line waiting for them to open at 5:00. The food is good, but the unique decor and costumed staff really are what really make the place stand out. It’s a fun place where you can enjoy the night out with your family. We visited the Magic TIme Machine for dinner twice and were pleased both times.


You never know who your waiter is going to be. That’s one of the best surprises in the place. The 2nd time we went Malfoy took us to our table. The kids were so excited that he was leading the way. He was such a believable character that they asked: “Mom is really from England?”

Visit #1: Since this was our first time eating here we were shocked to see the employees dressed in costumes. The kids really got a kick out of this. All the tables are like private coves so you’re in your own little world. Our first visit we had for our waiter Nacho Libre. He without a doubt put on a great show. He started out the night by giving the nicknames of “Earwax” and  “Fartface” to my two oldest sons. Now, this caught their attention immediately and that was only the beginning of the giggles that night. We ordered the kids bubbling potions. They were so excited to drink the smoking cups. (This is a must when you visit)

After Nacho brought out drinks he challenged my husband to a Butt Challenge! Yep, you heard right a Butt Challenge! The kids could not get enough of this guy!!!

After dinner, while we were waiting to get our desert Nacho kept the kids entertained by having them battle each other with balloons. The kids were over the moon that they were actually getting the chance to have a balloon battle in a restaurant. They really enjoyed it and we really enjoyed watching them have fun.

Visit #2:  On this visit we had Miranda Sings. Now my husband and I had no clue who she was but my kids were excited to have her as our waitress. LOL Once again, the food was as great as the entertainment. Miranda was funny. She started out by asking us if we liked her makeup. My toddler could not stop looking at her lipstick. Now if you know who Miranda Sings is you know why he couldn’t take his eyes off her lipstick. 

She started out by taking our drink order and then we wound up with 10 straws in each drink which the kids thought was hilarious. Again we ordered the smoking potion drinks.

Then Miranda asked us if we wanted to touch her hot buns!!! We were speechless but she quickly whipped out some warm bread at cinnamon butter.

Now, my hubby is one of those people who is not happy with just one cup of soda whenever we go eat somewhere. Well, Miranda wasn’t having it! When he asked for a 3rd refill she brought him a giant aluminum cup and said: “This should get you to stop asking me for more soda!” LOL, seriously the look on my hubby’s face was priceless.

Dinner its self-was great. My husband got the steak and shrimp special and I got Eve’s Cut plate. The plates have good-sized portions that fill you up right away.


The children ordered popcorn shrimp kid’s meals, some with corn and some got it with fries. They ate it all and could not wait to get their desert.


At the end of dinner, Miranda told the kids don’t forget to wash your hands and she brought them some more smoking water so they could. They absolutely loved this

All in all Magic Time Machine in San Antonio is a great place to take your kids for dinner. You get great food in this restaurant, but really the magic is in the atmosphere. The best part is that each table is in its own little world of fun. You’ll want to stop by and visit every time you find yourself in San Antonio.

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36 thoughts on “Magic Time Machine

  1. This sounds like a fun place, kind of like dinner theater. 😉 I can see why the kids enjoyed themselves. The portions look generous too.

  2. that looks like such a fun place – i wish i lived nearby – my niece & nephew would absolutely love going there!

  3. The smoking potions drink looks just the kind of thing to make any dining experience with kids fun! Magic Time Machine seems to be just the right kind of place to enjoy family outing time with kids.

  4. This place looks like so much fun! I wish there’s a thing like Time-Travel Machine on this world.
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  5. Wow I would love to take my family there. Looks like so much fun!

  6. What an awesome place for the family. I love how engaged the staff seemed to be and how much fun your kids seemed to have. The decor also looks really fun for kids. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  7. Omg, this place sounds wonderful! So up my street but I don’t have kids. It just sounds like a super fun place to have food and enjoy good company!

  8. the sophia diaries

    oh the food looks so yummy! But it also might be because I’m hungry xD

  9. What a fun family night out!!!

  10. This restaurant sounds hilarious and entertaining. What a great idea for a family fun time.

  11. This looks like a great family place to go to! If I am ever in the area I will be sure to pay them a visit.

  12. The restaurant looks amazing! I love the food!!! Have a great fun time like this!

  13. This place looks so fun. I would enjoy myself here.

  14. Wow lovely pictures, sounds like such a wonderful place, I wish we had a branch here too 😊

  15. The restaurant look fancy. It’s wonderful to see people come up with so many brilliant ideas and concepts for their restaurant.

  16. This is very interesting! I hope someday, we can visit this place!

  17. wow, I didn’t know they have good food. I should take my family here sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  18. We would go to a place like this when we were children. Great memories

  19. Aha the pictures and videos look great. The children look like they had a great meal. I just wish i lived in the US for the food! You have all the best resturants. Thanks for sharing

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