King Burger

King Burger

The Kingburger Drive Inn is located in the tiny town of Rocksprings, Texas. Rocksprings is best known for their wool and mohair production. They have a population of 1, 182 residents. So it really is a tiny town. However, I will say that Kingburger is the best and oldest restaurant in the area. They are well-known in the area for their delicious ice cream, grilled chicken salad, enchiladas, and burgers.

We stopped by on our way to Devil’s Sinkhole and let me tell you it was excellent! The food is delicious and the service was just amazing!!! The service was fast and friendly. When we entered we were greeted with warm smiles and hellos. They asked if we were on vacation. We said yes we were passing through from that point on it was just great! It is a family owned business so everything was real homie. The restaurant was decorated with a lot of family photos and Spurs. The high chairs were not your commercial ones. It just gave you a sense of being at home.

We ordered our drinks and our children usually share the drinks but they gave us drinks for everyone no extra charge. We ordered burgers and chicken salad. The burgers were huge enough to cut them in half and have the kids share. And let me tell you they were full with only half. The waitress was nice enough to offer to take a picture of us. After we ate I gave the kids a quarter each to buy a gumball from the machine. They came back all excited because the cashier had given them a bunch of quarters so that they could buy more gum balls. It was just such a nice gesture. Something so small yet so kind.

We also ordered a milkshake and some ice cream. It was delicious!!!! I totally recommend this place and if we ever find ourselves in the area again we will definitely stop by and pay King Burger a visit. It really is the best place to eat when in Rocksprings, TX because like I said the hospitality and friendliness is out of this world!!!! It really is a great place for kids. So if you ever find your self in Rocksprings stop by and give them a visit.

Traveling with Kidz Rating: 5/5


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25 thoughts on “King Burger

  1. Lavanda Michelle

    Next time I visit Texas I will stop by King Burger in Rocksprings, the food sounds amazing. My brother lives two cities away. He said it’s a 45 minutes drive.

  2. never have heard of this eating place but sounds very tasty to me.
    come see us at

  3. I just love discovering little mom and pop restaurants. They always put such care into the food and customer service is usually pretty excellent. It looks you guys had a blast! What a great memory.

  4. Wow, they sound so hospitable! Even if a restaurant is okay, I’ll return if the service is amazing!

  5. food looks good ill try it if im there

  6. Kingburger sounds like a great place to stop and eat for sure. The chicken salad looks so delicious. This place reminds me of a place in my hometown where locals eat and they have amazing food. Thanks for sharing your awesome experience.

  7. I have never heard of King Burger but when we go to Texas next year I will check it out!

  8. That’s awesome to come across a business cool enough to dub friendliest in the world. I’d love to visit Texas for longer than an airline layover. 🙂

  9. Blair villanueva

    I literally have to blink twice if I read it right.
    Because we have Burger King here, and offers similar foods! 🙂

  10. We don’t have King burger here, but there are other similar fast food restaurants like Lotte or KFC. Admittedly, those foods are so tasty, and at the same time, unhealthy :((( I am confused right now.

  11. King Burger looks very appetizing! I will give this a try on my next visit!

  12. I’ve never heard of king burger. Great that you were able to take the kids there.

  13. Sounds like the famous fastfood offering flame-grilled burgers =). If a food joint is kid-approved, then that is worth revisiting.

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