5 tips to enjoy LEGOLAND Orlando

5 tips to enjoy LEGOLAND Orlando

So my kids have been wanting to go for awhile to LEGOLAND and we finally got to go and they were over the moon. Now before we go anywhere I like to  spend a lot of time trying to research so that I know what to expect.  So I have compiled a list of our top 15 tips to enjoy LEGOLAND Orlando based off of our experience and what I learned from my research.

1.  This is NOT just for LEGO lovers!

LEGOLAND is a must go to place if you are a LEGO lover however, it is not only for LEGO lovers. We have some LEGO lovers in our family and some not so much. But all of the kids had a BLAST at LEGOLAND! We only went for one day and we were able to do everything however, had we decided to stay for a second day the price only increases by $15. Which is an awesome deal!

2.  Bring mini-figures to trade.

I read about this online on a few sites but I didn’t buy any so that the kids could trade.Who knew this would be such a highlight? My kids wanted to do it! So I would recommend that you have your kids bring at least 3-4 to trade. In case you haven’t heard of mini-figure trading let me tell you a bit about it. Every LEGO employee wears mini-figures on their name tag(it’s kind of like Disney and the pins).  Employees are very gracious and willing to trade immediately.  There is also a “Mini-figure Ambassador”.  This employee can be hard to track down, but they have almost 100 mini-figures pinned to them ready to trade.  Could you imagine 100 mini-figures!!

3.  Weather can be tricky especially in Florida.

We all know just how unpredictable weather is so I would recommend that you need to be prepared for both rain and sun. IBe sure to check the weather when you head out to an amusement park, especially when flying and you can only pack but so much. When we went it was 90% chance of rain!! For a brief moment we thought maybe we should reschedule the trip but we decided to be optimistic. We only experienced a brief rain shower. It’s because of this I suggest you either plan on purchasing ponchos there or do what we did and buy them at the dollar store. I like these because you can fit them anywhere and they are disposable. I also recommend taking an extra pair of clothes for everyone just in case.

So the good thing about visiting LEGOLAND when there is a high chance of rain is that the crowds are so small. It was AWESOME! not crowded one bit. We did have to wait a bit for some of the rides to get backup and running but there are so many things to do when it’s raining that you won’t even miss them. Here are a few of our recommendations of things to do while it’s raining at LEGOLAND

  • The Imagination Center– here the kids can build cars and test them on a track, you can also test your building ability with an earthquake simulator or sign up for free building classes.  The great thing about these classes is that they are 45 minutes long.
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure-this ride is an indoor roller coaster type ride where the participants are asked to help find a captured explorer. My kids really enjoyed this ride they went on it a few times.
  • DUPLO Farm– in an indoor playground especially made for younger children. These are also the best restrooms in the whole park.
  • You can go to the Wells Fargo 4D Theater and check out some shows. We got to see LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS 4D: The Book of Creativity. This was a good show we really enjoyed it.
  • Another great thing to do while it’s raining is get some FOOD!!! They have many different options. We opted for Fun Town Pizza and Pasta Buffet it was REALLY good (don’t forget to check out our review HERE)
  • Another place to find shelter from the rain are the stores!!!

4.  Outdoor Activities- Age and Height

There are many many things to do outside. We really did LOVE this park. We went when there wasn’t alot of people so we were able to send the kids ahead of us (within eye sight) to go scope out the next ride. They loved the little bit of independence they got and we loved not worrying about them getting lost in a crowd of people.


Top picks for Under 5 years old were:

Top picks for kids 5-10 years old were:

Top picks for kids over 10 years old were:

Top picks for family fun:

Aside from the rides we had a blast visiting Miniland USA. The kids enjoyed all the interactive buttons at the stations and we were just in awe of how amazing everything looked!

5.Saving Money at LEGOLAND FLORIDA

When planning I discovered there were a wide variety of ways to save money at LEGOLAND. You can use the coupons from the free LEGO Magazine.  Normally the coupons are for buy one adult, get a child free. However, you do need to do this ahead of time due to it being a bi-monthly publication. So we recommend If you’re planning your trip several months in advance, sign up for the magazine to get the coupons early. I found out about this later. So we had already opted for the GO ORLANDO GO PASS. And let me tell you this was seriously one of the BEST purchases I have EVER made. We had so much fun with this pass and we saved SO MUCH money$$$. Check out our post on the GO ORLANDO GO PASS.



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  1. We go to Disney in Orlando every August, in the middle of rainy season there, so we always plan accordingly and bring lots of ponchos with us.

  2. This looks and sounds like a fun place to be! I’ve never been to Legoland before but my kids have always enjoyed Legos. That Driving School looks cute.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  3. I’ve wanted to check this out for years. We have a Lego Discovery Center, but it’s no theme park. Hopefulle we can get there soon.
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  4. I’ve never been to legoland but it sounds like an awesome adventure for a lucky lego lover. Finding ways to save money on a trip like this is so important. Amusement parks are so expensive these days.

  5. LEGOLAND has been on my list of places I really want to go to for to long. I will have to plan a trip for next Summer. I am sure my Son is going to love it.

  6. These are really cool and savvy tips! I especially love the bit about trading mini figures – that sounds super fun!

  7. My husband went to legoland in Cali last year and said it was a miserable time. Perhaps he is not as big of a kid as I thought? lol!

  8. My nephew is just getting into LEGOs so this would be the highlight of his year, thanks for these tips
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  9. How awesome does Legoland Orlando look! It seems like there is so much to do when you are there and hey who doesn’t love LEGO!
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  10. The mini figures trading is a great tip to know. It adds a free (ish) activity for the kids to enjoy by hunting down the employees.

  11. Oh wow I had no idea that there was a Legoland in Florida! I’m from England and I went to Legoland Windsor as a kid. Next time I’m in Flordia I wanna go to the Legoland there. I may be an adult but screw it, it looks fun.

  12. I have yet to visit legoland and I am sure it would be a blast with my little cousin he is eight and would so enjoy this. WE are going to be near Lego Land next year. I am gonna recommend this to my uncle.

  13. We are planning a trip there in a few months. I think I might be more excited than the kids!

  14. We love LEGOLAND. We went to the one in Florida as well and did not want to leave. Great place!

  15. My nephew would have a blast at this place. Not only does he enjoy playing with legos, but he is so intelligent and great at building things. He would love this place.

  16. I didn’t know you could trade old figuines there. That is all sorts of awesome. Guess I’m scheduling a trip with my niece!

  17. As a person who grew up with Legos going on such a trip would be a dream come true.

  18. There are so many things at Legoland!!! I totally loved the idea! Watching the photos, I’m sure you had a great time! ☺️

  19. Wow! It looks like my family’s going to enjoy this! Perfect for a long weekend!

  20. fun and loving place to be. lovely one.

  21. this would be the first place we’d go if we had kids! it looks like a blast.

  22. I need to go there. My niece just went and won’t shut up about it.

  23. I love Legoland, I am always excited when I’m there.I think more than my kids. I love reading about your experience.

  24. I live in California and have been to the LEGOLAND here several times. It’s so much fun! I would love to check out the one in Orlando also.

  25. We have a legoland here in the UK but can you believe that I have never been?! I like the sound of being prepared for the weather with a cool raincoat x
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  26. I haven’t been in any legoland. This is one of the places I really want to visit. Cool photos!

  27. Shannon Sawicki

    We went to the Lego theme park in California a few years back. We found the line-ups were incredibly long and it was a tough comparison after Disneyland.

  28. Leigh Anne Borders

    I hope to take my kids here one day. It looks like such a fun place. My boys would be in heaven.

  29. Such a great place to go with kids. I should check if we have a Lego Land here in San Francisco Bay Area. My son would love to go and all tips will come in so handy!

  30. These are all great tips for enjoying LEGOLAND Orlando. It sounds like you all had a great time there too. It is awesome there is so much to do there for all ages. I love the kids can trade mini figures with the workers too. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  31. Blair villanueva

    I wonder how is it to become a LEGO artist? I think it will be so cool! I wish to visit this place someday.

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