Connect with the sea when you visit the Florida Aquarium

Connect with the sea when you visit the Florida Aquarium

So when we were planning our Florida trip we had heard that  had ranked The Florida Aquarium in the top 10 Aquariums in the country and that Parents Magazine had ranked it in the top 5 “Kid-Friendly Aquariums.” So after reading that we were immediately intrigued and added it to our must see list. Lucky for us it was one of the attractions on the Go Orlando Go Pass. Score!!!

Florida Aquarium, located in Tampa was established in 1995 and has over 7,000 pants and animals. Amazing right?  We had so much fun when we visited. The kids really did enjoy exploring all an interactive and educational things their was to do. They got the chance to come face to face with sea life that is native to the waters of Florida and the surrounding area. It was an amazing experience.

Now, one of the great things about the Florida Aquarium is that they have lots of information so that the kids could learn about the animals, their  habitats and their endangerment statuses. It was really educational. The aquarium has two floors and  is divided into different sections.They also have a gift shop, a restaurant and a 4D theater.


You can travel the Wetlands Trail and get the feeling of walking through the marshes of Florida. While on this trail you can see alligators, otters, snakes and free-flying birds. The birds were just walking around everywhere. It was really cool here. For a second we forgot we were indoors it just made you feel like you were outside in the actual marshes of Florida.


You can visit with the ring-tailed lemurs when you go through the Journey to Madagascar. They were super cute! You can also you’ll see chameleons and geckos . Have you ever seen a hissing cockroach? Well, here at the Florida Aquarium you can even crawl inside a tree full of hissing cockroaches! My son got so scared when he went in yet he had so much fun!  When you walk into the Madagascar area you have to walk over a glass panel on the floor. The kids got a kick out of this.

You can visit the Coral Reef area! Here you will see different touching tanks where you can touch star fish and coral. It’s really nice here you get to see all the different types of coral reefs that they have. It’s really interesting and educational.


We really enjoyed the Bays and Beach area. Here you can see a 300 pound Goliath grouper, spiny lobsters and you get to touch string-rays at Stingray Beach! It was amazing to see Cleatus! The kids really enjoyed touching the  sting rays. They had fun trying to touch them as they passed by.


You can also see a garden of eels. Now this is super cool to see. It was a first for us.  Have any of you seen a garden of eels?

You can visit with the penguins at Penguin Point.

You can even get the chance to dive with the shark or swim with the fishes. You can also have some other adventures for an extra fee. When we were visiting we got to see some divers in the tank with the sharks. it was really cool to see. The kids were so excited when the shark would pass by the divers.

Make sure you bring your towel and water clothes so you can visit the splash pad in the Water Fun Zone. The kids can play under water dump buckets and spray zones. They even have a cute little water play area for toddlers.

If you enjoy visiting aquariums you should totally visit the Florida aquarium. You will really enjoy it. This is a great way to spend about 3 hours. Oh you have to pay $10 for parking when you visit. Parking isn’t included in the Go Orlando Go Pass. Have you been? What did you think about it?


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  1. This looks like such a fun aquarium!!!! I take my son often to one we have in Scottsdale, AZ and he loves it so much 🙂

  2. My husband and I had our first date at the aquarium. We still love to visit them, I guess we should check out this one when we are in Florida!

  3. I would love to visit this aquarium. Seems like a pretty nice one. They have a lot of displays that would keep us happy and entertained. This would be a nice way to see a different side of Florida as opposed to just the amusement parks and other fun places.

  4. Omg I haven’t been to an aquarium since I was a little kid. It used to be so much fun.
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  5. This looks like such a fun place to visit! I love taking my son to places like this. There is so much to learn. Next time I’m down in Florida I will definitely put this place on my to visit list!

  6. LOVE aquariums and since I live in Florida, this is on my To Do list of places to see. Thanks for sharing more information about it.

  7. Aquariums never seem to fail. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to one as a child or an adult and thought that was horrible and boring. This one seems to stand out a little more than others since it also feature some non water friendlies.

  8. Oh it looks so beautiful here! I have never been to this particular one but theres always something so magical about seeing creatures we don’t really get to see naturally any other way. I bet the kids loved this experience!
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  9. Sounds like a really nice place, I am planning a vacation in Florida with kids, definitely adding this to my list. My kids have been to the local aquarium many times and love visiting it.

  10. Aquaria always remind me of my sister who was as a child terribly afraid of any water-based animal, she still is.. The animals are beautiful, and although I know that many of these places (zoos, aquaria, etc.) are beneficial to maintaining the population of certain species, it just makes me so sad to see them in captivity.

  11. I love the aquarium! You were able to get some awesome pictures, and it looks like you had a terrific time. The fish and mammals just amaze me.

  12. Its great to go to a place like this which is also educational for the family. The kids would be so excited and I love going on school field trips to the aquarium. It makes everything from the books come to life! Although I am not for any wild marine life such as dolphins etc in captivity. I think it is important that the locations are sustainable and eco-friendly.

  13. What a beautiful aquarium! I’ve never had a chance to go to one that’s big like this one! It looks so magical. I will definitely visit it!

  14. Florida is on my bucket list, so many beautiful places to visit in Florida. This Aquarium is so beautiful place to visit there, My kids would really love this place. Can’t wait to be there!

  15. The Florida Aquarium looks amazing! I just know my kids would love to visit, first we need to make our way to Florida, but it’s on our Travel list.

  16. Great read. Looks like a fun vacation destination! Water parks are always a family favorite.

  17. I recently visited a similar underground aquarium but it was definitely not as good as this one…would visit Florida someday definitely to visit this place..
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  18. The Florida Aquarium looks so fun!! You should bring your kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and they are heavenly beautiful there! My husband and I often have our date to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

  19. Leigh Anne Borders

    Whenever we travel, I am always looking for the local aquarium. It is a must for me! This one looks like one to add to my list.

  20. This seems like such a fun place. I’ve always wanted to visit Florida so will add this to the list too.
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  21. I always loved aquariums when I was little. This looks like such a fun trip! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Kids would really enjoy there.. there are lots of fun and activities..hope to visit Florida one day..

  23. This is so cool! Educational+Fun. I have always been fascinated by marine creatures, I would love to visit this aquarium one day!
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  24. This looks like such fun!

  25. Your visit to the Florida acquarium looks absolute fun! Thanks for sharing! When my family and I take a trip there we need to bookmark that place as a must see!

  26. We are frequent visitors to Florida but have never been to the Florida Aquarium. With all the theme parks it is easy to overlook this, but I bet kids would have as much fun here, not to mention, learn a ton!

  27. I am a huge fan of animals. I love that we can see the cool things of nature right up close and personal.
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  28. So cool. Next time we head to FL, we will have to check it out as I’m sure my kids would love it!

  29. This looks like such an amazing and fun trip to take with the family. I am sure you all had a wonderful time!

  30. Wow, this place looks so fun!! I can’t believe I’ve spent pretty much my whole life an hour from Orlando and have never been there! Especially since I love aquariums!

  31. Angela Cardamone

    This looks like a great place to visit! I will keep it in mind for our next trip to Florida!

  32. The aquarium looks amazing so much fun for the kids

  33. I used to love going to aquariums as a kid! This one looks fab and so much fun for the whole family!

  34. Your vivid description and the pictures are evident of how exciting it will be to visit Florida aquarium with kids..It’s a really nice place for a one day trip with family.. It will be more exciting for the little members of family I think..

  35. Sounds like an amazing aquarium! I would have imagined Orlando’s to be as fabulous as you’ve described it here. We love taking the grandchildren to Florida, this sounds like a definite future destination!

  36. you may want to mention that the Aquarium is in Tampa, not in Orlando. My kids grew up playing there, we had a few year passes, and went there every chance to had when we lived in Tampa. Now, they both have outgrown it, but we sure made a lot of great memories there.

  37. I’m an adult but I still love visiting aquariums! this one looks like a good one. you look like you had so much fun in the photos!

  38. I have never been to Florida but this looks like so much fun! I guess I need to visit!
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  39. I’ve been to Florida several times but I haven’t been to the Aquarium. This looks like a fun family activity!

  40. The aquarium is a place where kids can go many times and not get bored if they are keen to know more about the fishes and marine life. What’s more, they get to play with water too! It’s a place I would bring my kids to if possible.
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