7 Universal Studios Tips to Maximize Your Time:

When traveling with a large number of people one of the most important things is to make the most out of your time so that you get to experience everything there is in the amount of time you have to do it. Now my goal was to do EVERYTHING is 3 days. These are some tips that helped us accomplish our goal.

 1. Pick the best time to visit Universal Studios Orlando

While any day you can head to Universal Studios Orlando is a great day, some days are better than others! You’ll find the waits are lowest in the fall, winter and spring. Avoid the days around the holidays and times when children are out of school. Weekdays are often less crowded than weekends. I found the online crowd calendars to be very helpful when planning hope you do too.

2. Buy your tickets in advance

You’ll save time and money when you purchase your tickets ahead of time. If you book a package deal (which is what we did) you can save even more and not to mention it is just so convenient. If you are a Harry Potter fan you most definitely want to stay at a Universal hotel. Why you may ask well? Read more about it on #4.

3. Consider the Front of Line pass during the busiest times

I recommend getting this. Even though when we went they was not a huge crowd it was a great time saver to just be able to go to the front of the line. Now, if you are planning to visit during the summer or during the holiday’s I would definitely  consider purchasing this pass. Remember, this is a great way to maximize your time at Universal Orlando! This is a great option even if you visit then the crowds aren’t huge.

4. Take advantage of the Early Admission

If you are staying at a Universal hotel you get to be one of the few who get to  take advantage of the 1 hour early admission. For the best deals on on site hotels I would recommend looking at the Universal website for deals. The best thing about this is you get to make payments!  Check out how to make the most of the 1 hour early entrance on my post. When you arrive ahead of park opening, you will be one of the very first people inside the park and will have the opportunity to experience the rides with the very lowest waits of the entire day. We strongly recommend that the first thing you do in the morning is ride the Wizarding World rides such asHarry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff. After you have done this we recommend that you circle back to Hogsmeade later in the day. Both of the rides in the Wizarding World accept Front of Line passes.

5. Map your day

Now, I am one of those people who walks around with the map and pen in hand. I mark off every ride we’ve done and circle all the show times we want to attend. I do this for two reasons:

1. to make sure we don’t anything

2. so that we can make all the shows. Now this is important because shows are only done a few times a day. Since, Universal Studios  does not publish a show schedule on their website, it’s important for you to look at them when you get to the park so that you can plan your day.

6. Have lunch during off-peak times

You’ll save the most time at Universal Studios  if you dine outside of peak meal times that way you avoid the lunch rush.

7. Take advantage of Child Switch.

If any of your children cannot ride a ride, an adult can wait with the child in the attraction’s Child Switch room. When the rest of the party returns, you can switch.




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  1. Great. I have never been to Orlando Universal studio. Will visit some time.

  2. 8. don’t eat lunch before going on the BIGGEST roller coaster 🙂

  3. I have a Universal Studios Hollywood year-long pass! It’s so easy, and we live right next door, ha!

  4. I have never been here but so want to go. I will remember these tips.

  5. Buying your tickets in advance is a great way to save money. We are planning a trip next summer.

  6. Going during the week is always helpful and having a plan for the day is always a good idea!!

  7. Great tips! I’ll be visiting this spring break, so I’m going to look into the front of the line passes.

  8. These tips are great! I will definitely bear this in mind if I have chance to visit the Universal Studio. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. You’ve told all of my secrets! When my children were small we would visit Orlando every other year to experience all of the major theme parks. We always went in February, April or October to avoid long lines. I have pictures of us enjoying ourselves without people in the background of the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  10. We will hopefully be headed there next summer. I’m bookmarking your tips so we can make the most of it.

  11. I have never been to this place, but will surely in the future!! Love the tips, would defo remember them

  12. The last time I went to Universal, I was actually pregnant with my son! These are all really great tips 🙂

  13. Great post! My family used to make a trip to universal Studios every year, we love it there! I know it is very important to maximize your time, great tips!

  14. These are such great tips! Visiting Universal Studios was one of the most fun vacations I ever had. Planning our day better would have helped make it go more smoothly.
    Kelly Hutchinson recently posted…How I Radically Changed My Life For The BetterMy Profile

  15. Awesome Tips!! We went to Universal for the first time this past year and loved it! I can’t wait to go back!

  16. Great tips. Totally time saver especially for first timers. Will keep this in mind!
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  17. I have never bought a pass to skip the lines at a theme park. However with a group that included children, I would definitely consider it. Or perhaps they would need to learn about patience, lol, and I wouldn’t buy one.

  18. THe one piece of advice I always hear is to buy the front line pass. I think I am going to have to do that when my family goes.

  19. Leigh Anne Borders

    I hope to get out to Universal soon. It looks like such a fun place and this will definitely come in handy when making the trip the best.

  20. These are great tips…I’ll have to pin this. We plan to take the kids when they get a little older.

  21. I like your tips, really practical and necessary. We went to HK Disneyland and it was chaos with only me looking after my baby. But we were able to make use of our baby as way to have special pass. Yes to defer lunch during lunch hour.

  22. Your tips re real practical and useful. It is really advisable to defer lunch to a latter time or advance it even.

  23. Blair villanueva

    Buying tickets online and in-advance is a good move. It will save you time and extra cash 🙂

  24. Omg buying tix in advance is essential for anywhere. It makes the entrance much more smooth! & probably helps about long lines

  25. Great tips for an amazing place! We should visit it sometime soon. I’m sure we will love it!

  26. These are all great tips. I do prepare in advance to avoid any problem last minute.

  27. I have never been there. will visit this place sometime for sure keep those points in mind.

  28. We have passes to Universal Studios in California and love going there. We live 3 hours away, so when we go, we almost always buy the Front of the Line passes. They are so worth it!

  29. man, we haven’t been there in a long time. this reminds me that i need to take my kids soon.

  30. Universal Studios is fun for the whole family. These are great tips for family to experience the most fun there. Thanks for sharing the information.

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  33. Very useful tips! 😃 My family can try these on our trip to Universal Studios.

  34. Planning helps visualize what the end result will be like, so that you can evaluate ahead of time and make revisions if necessary.
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  35. Designing a plan helps you communicate your ideas with everyone who is going with you.
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