Must read guide to preparing your car for a roadtrip

Must read guide to preparing your car for a roadtrip

Nothing brings a family closer together than traveling the world together. Now thanks to this Sponsored Post from you can ensure that your car is in tip top top shape for road tripping in any season.

So, whether you want to take a short trip of only a few couple hundred miles or if you want to drive all across country, you will need to make sure your vehicle is in near perfect condition so that you and your family can arrive and return safely. The first thing you need to do to prepare your vehicle for a safe road trip is to learn how to perform routine inspections.

Step 1: Check engine fluids and filters. Check the:

It is important that you make sure all the fluids in your car are clean, and full.

Step 2: Check the belts and hoses. You want to  inspect them for wear and leaks.

If you notice anything that seems worn out or is deteriorating, get the opinion of a mechanic if you have any belts or hoses to be  replaced before you head out on your adventure.

Step 3: Check the battery and terminals.

It’s a good idea to have the battery checked. If you are go on a particularly long road trip you may want to have the battery replaced. You also need to check the battery terminals for corrosion. If the terminals need to be cleaned. You can clean them with a simple solution of baking powder and water. If the terminals are damaged or if there are exposed wires, have them replaced immediately.

Step 4: Check the tires and the tire pressure.

Make sure you check the condition of your tires ensure that your tires don’t  have any tears or bulges. Another important thing to check is the tire tread.  For a road trip it would be best for you to have at least 1/12” of tread. But how do you check your tire thread? it’s easy all you need is a quarter:

  • Stick the quarter in the tire thread make sure that George Washington’s head  is upside down between the tread.
  • Now, if you can see the top of his head you need to change your tires.

You also need to check the tire pressure. If you need help checking your tires you can check out this video. Another important tire tip is to make sure you have the proper tires for the season you will traveling in.

Step 5: Check the brake pads and all the lights and signals.

If you’re not sure about the condition of your brake pads, you may need to contact a mechanic to have them inspected. Let them know more about your trip and how far you plan to be driving. Don’t forget to make sure all your lights and signals are good.

Step 6: Check the air filters and the windshield wipers.

The engine air filter can have an effect on fuel efficiency.So you want to ensure that the filter is not torn or filthy. If it is you might want to change it.  Another thing you need to check are the windshield wipers. This is especially important if you are traveling when rain is expected.

Now,that you have ensured that the car is running properly. The next step is just as important but is one that is often overlooked..

Step 8: Check car seats

Check out this video so that you can check your car seats before you go on a trip. If you aren’t sure about your car seats you can always go to your local fire station and they will be more than willing to help you check your car seats.

After all of these steps are completed you can pack and get ready for your adventure. I would also recommend that you  be prepared for the trip just in case anything does go wrong on your journey. For this, always allow room in your budget for certain repairs. You might also want to take some extra fuses and light bulbs along with some tools.

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  1. This is quite comprehensive guide but so useful! Every time I have been on a road trip, I was renting a car so i always assumed all the checking had been done before. But just to be extra cautious, I now know that i should check it again just in case

  2. Yes, this is so important to do! I always worry we’ll get stranded on the side of the road, which would be awful. So we do a lot of this.

  3. Thanks for some really great tips! It’s very easy to overlook some of these things, but it’s so important before setting off on a road trip!

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  6. These are all so very important. A quick check can find a minor flaw that if left unfix can cause huge problems on the road.

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  8. I always get my car serviced before we go on a road trip. I pack an emergency kit and a lot of extra snacks and drinks. It is good to be prepared.

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  20. I always take my car into a mechanic. They do a check over on all of that stuff and it makes me feel much better and it’s worth every penny.

  21. Indeed such great tips and information. We really need to make sure that all are properly set and car must be in good condition.

  22. Great article, but I did not find any information to parents, who are going to travel with their toddler kids.
    Also, you should mention, that you should use a proper type of tires, according to the season.
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