7 Mommy Madness moments I am THANKFUL for!

7 Mommy Madness moments I am THANKFUL for!

Tis the season to be give thanks. Now there are so many things that I am thankful for that I could go on and on and on. But, the thing I am most thankful for is Mommy Madness! Yes, you heard right! I am thankful for the madness, the chaotic moments that make you want to pull your hair out. LOL! Why you say? Well, because it won’t be like that for long. One day I will blink and all the craziness will be a thing of the past. And I will miss it I know I will so for this reason I am thankful for the CRAZINESS!! I want to soak it up and take it with me always!

7. Sink full of dirty dishes

Now, I really, really dislike seeing this (which is why it is now on the list of my pre-teen’s daily chores) but this also resembles something very important to me. It resembles that my family has eaten! And for that I am grateful because like I tell my children over and over again not everyone is lucky enough to eat something. So yes, I am thankful that my family had something to eat and in the process they dirtied a few (million) dishes. Small price to pay for knowing their little tummies have something inside.

6. Mountains of dirty clothes

I dislike the laundry routine of wash, dry, and put away.It is the adult never ending story LOL! But as much I dislike this chore I am thankful to have it. I am thankful that my family is lucky enough to have clothes to change into. I am thankful that we have electricity and water to be able to wash and dry them. I am thankful to have money to buy the hangers and drawers in which we use to put the clothes away.

5. Toys all over the place

Okay so walking into my living room and my kids rooms most of the times makes my husband and I feel like Harry and Marv in Home Alone going through Kevin’s boo bee traps. LOL! But I am thankful for the workout just to get through room because it shows that we have enough money to be able to buy our children toys to play with. I am thankful that they are still young enough to spend the whole day at home with me and enjoy it playing. I know the day will come when the toys will be replaced with other things and I will missing stepping on toy cars and Barbies.

4. Loud House

So anyone who has kids can tell you the house is always loud. As much as I enjoy quite time I will be the first to tell you that the loudness is one of the first things I miss. I am thankful for the loudness because it shows that my children are healthy enough be making all the noise. I am thankful that they have each other to play with. I won’t lie whenever I come home and I am the only one there the thing I miss the most is the noise. When they are sick and aren’t running around screaming and yelling I miss it and I know one day they will be grown and move out and the house will be silent.


3. Missing phone

Okay so I don’t know if this happens to every parent but it happens to me all the time! I wake up in the morning and my phone is missing, I wonder why I haven’t had a call in  awhile and I notice oh it’s because my phone is missing!! I know where it is. My children have it. They are playing Roblox or some other game. I am thankful for my missing phone because we have enough money to have a cell phone. I know that one day they will have their own phone and will no longer need my phone. Don’t you just love my new phone case from c. I know I do!!!

2. Bite marks on everything

Every parent has been through food marks on everything. I am thankful for this because my children are little and exploring the world.I am thankful because I know this wont last long and I will miss finding  apples, cheese, bread and other food hiding around the house with bite marks. Again I am thankful that we have food to eat and money to buy food.

1. The endless Mommy Mom Momma

The name mom is what I the most thankful for. I am thankful that my children come to me when they need something. I am thankful to be given the name of mom. It really is the best name anyone can ask for. For that I am the most thankful. I am thankful that I am the go to person for my 6 little ones.

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  1. we have thousands of reasons to be thankful. Once you have a heart of gratitude. you attract more blessings

  2. lol my sons pulls “The Stewy” because he thinks it’s hilarious! Mom, Mom, Momma, Mommy, Mum…..Hi.

  3. My kids never bit anything other than food and to be honest, I don’t know anyone whose kids bit furniture, etc. I would probably not be too happy about that one, though 🙂

  4. I don’t have kids yet, and I still have dirty dishes in the sink and mountains of laundry, lol! I can’t wait to be a mom!

  5. I am not a mother but I love this. The way you have turned the daily gripes into a positive and seen the things to be thankful for instead :)x

  6. It is so refreshing to read your post! I’m not a mommy yet, but I love how you look at the positive side of things.

    xo | http://www.thebookblvd.net

  7. It is so important to take the time to remember to be thankful in these crazy moments! I can so relate!

  8. Love this, we don’t talk about the importance of being grateful enough.

  9. I think that sometimes it is important to see the things that annoy us in a different light. Indeed, having dishes to wash means that your children have eaten. Having clothes to wash means that they have had what to wear. Sometimes we need to take a moment and be grateful for what we have and other don’t.

  10. What a beautiful way to look at things. Especially with the dishes.. the initial frustration of them.. but ultimately dishes can be done but the importance of feeding the people you love is so much greater. I hope you will have a wonderful thanks giving 🙂

  11. I love this. These aspects of motherhood are not what you typically think of as good things, but they really are great. My house is a bit messy, laundry needs to be done, and I cant keep nice things but I wouldn’t have it any other way
    Jessica Joachim recently posted…Classically Simple Green Bean CasseroleMy Profile

  12. Its so true, as much as every single one of these drives me positively insane, I know a day will come when I’m just wishing form them to be there

  13. I had missing remotes as well at the phone, finger prints on everything and my chocolate stash was always found.

  14. I love your positive approach! Yes it is important to understand how something you might like less is a key to being happy it indicates your life.

  15. I have been trying for the last month to look every day at what I can be thankful for. In all the crazy that is going on, I am thankful for these things too.
    Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh recently posted…Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodle SquaresMy Profile

  16. I love this! It is so easy to look at the negative but positive is always the best!

  17. What a great perspective on life and all the little things that could just be annoyances if we don’t stop to appreciate things. I agree with you on the noise, not having littles around all the time makes for a really hard transition. I blare the tv when it happens.

  18. These are the little things we all take for granted, or we take it is “Oh I HATE laundry”! It’s good to take time and be thankful for these moments!

  19. What a refreshing perspective! Life with kids is never boring!

  20. I’m so thankful that I was ever even able to have children. I know so many families who struggled and i know we have been so blessed three times over!

  21. HaHaHa! I love the bite marks all over the food left throughout the house. Definitely crazy times with the little ones 🙂

  22. I love your take on this, motherhood is never easy but finding joy is a messy house is how to make it a beautiful journey!

  23. This was a really fun post. Those things sound so frustrating but you have to make light of them otherwise you end up bitter and miserable. I loved your take on it.

  24. What an amazing post and a great reminder of all the little things we don’t think about while we are busy in the daily routine. With all the mess and craziness it brings with it, it will always be the best part of every mother’s life.

  25. It’s so nice that you look at it all like this, it’s certainly not how I was feeling while I was trying to do laundry today. 🙂 Being a mom is the best though.
    Beth Davidson recently posted…Ideas for a First Thanksgiving Inspired TablescapeMy Profile

  26. The craziness will always be worth it for sure. Love these moments that you’re thankful for, they make you appreciate the little things that you have in life. So lovely to read!
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  27. Aw its true we might complain about the noise but like you said it shows that they are healthy and above all it shows they are having fun. Which is always great to see of course x
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  28. The life of a mom everyday! I’m also very thankful for the mommy madness, being a mom is the best!

  29. I can relate to this article, as a parent there are many crazy moments. But we thankful for these, because we have a family like them, our treasure in life.

  30. You are wise to recognize that these moments are special and to be thankful for them. They go by in a flash.
    Terri Steffes recently posted…30 Days to Joy #ourgoodlifebooklistMy Profile

  31. Such a beautiful post to read…i dont have kids but i know all the mess they can bring with them but it is all part of the beauty they bring to our lives!

  32. I’m thankful for mommy life too. It’s busy but it’s a short stage and definitely worth it. We will reap the rewards if we put in our time.

  33. This makes you such a great mom, most mothers look at it in a different way and you look on a good way which i have to say you are such amazing mother.

  34. I love that you have a good attitude. I think these are all blessings too.

  35. Hey Momma, Did you come over to my house and take pictures? I could swear that we live parallel lives. :-D. When they say to count your blessings, this is exactly what it was intended for! My oldest is now 10, and my deepest desire is to always have them be sufficient. There is much to work with in our house hold – he is now helping with all of it – from laundry, to chores…and yes, even finding the phone (He’s got a younger sibling!). Many blessing son this very sacred path of loving service to you and your Loved Ones..

  36. Nice Article. Thanks For Sharing This Beautiful Article. There are Thousands of reason For thanks.

  37. Love this, what a way to start the day! Thank you for sharing

  38. I am so related to this. It is so important to take the time to remember to be thankful for these crazy moments.

  39. I love your perspective and the gratefulness of a servants heart surely signs through. Your devotion to your family and finding the positive in the never-ending mommy moments is something we can all learn from. Thanks for sharing I can relate to this on SO many levels.

  40. I know those mommy moments. It takes a lot seeing things positively. Perhaps that’s the beauty of parenthood.

  41. What a great article! As a mom of three boys, being a mommy can be overwhelming some days, but I am so thankful that I have three precious boys to love and care for everyday!
    Brittany recently posted…Interracial Couples: What To Expect When Visiting Your In-LawsMy Profile

  42. I try to start each day with what I am thankful for. There are so many things I have that I take for granted. I have electricity, a home, food, a place to sleep and finished floors. It humbles me.
    Kelly Hutchinson recently posted…Cranberry And Sausage Herb Stuffing MuffinsMy Profile

  43. I really love how you turned the things that often drive us crazy into something to be thankful for. This is such a great way to look at mom life, which sometimes can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, we should be thankful for all the little things we get to enjoy with our kids.

  44. My current nemesis is the loud house. My three year old has discovered screeching when playing and my 8 year old thinks it is fun to do it back at her.

  45. I’m not a parent but when my sink is full of dirty dishes I find it a good thing. I have fed myself and my family and that is all that matters for he moment.

  46. We have much reason to be thankful. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs ever!!! But all of our hard works, sleepless night, all of the sacrifice are all worth it. Being a parent, being a mom of twins is so fulfilling. No one can replace how happy I am for having a child. I am thankful for everything.

  47. Love this! My daughter is almost 21 years old and she still does #1 (or at least it feels like it) lol!

  48. Haha!
    I can totally relate to the post 😀
    Specially liked the part “The phone is always missing”..doesn’t happen with me yet! 😀

  49. These must be true! We have so much to be thankful for! I think Mom is the hardest job in the world.

  50. I love that you teach your children that not everyone is lucky to eat. Kids need to grow up being aware of things like this. Overall, I love how you take things that can annoy all of us and instead find reasons to be grateful.

  51. A fun post and I can definitely related and although it can sometimes be hard to be grateful in the moment. I count my blessings every night.

  52. My kids are grown and I can attest that it took me a while to get used to how quiet the house became. When my last child left home – our social butterfly – we no longer had the neighborhood kids to feed. I am thankful that all my kids – including the neighborhood kids we left in Minnesota years ago – come and visit me in Florida.
    Alicia Taylor recently posted…Symptoms and Causes of Carpal Tunnel SyndromeMy Profile

  53. I couldn’t agree more with all of this. I just love being a mom and all that comes along with it even the chores and chaos! Such a great post.

  54. This is a great reminder to really live in the moment and enjoy the time you have while your children are little. It goes by so quickly and before we know it, these will be our most missed moments.
    Heather recently posted…Frosted Sugar Cookie Pancakes RecipeMy Profile

  55. Love this spin on the things I complain about as a mama. It’s a great time of year to focus on the positive and all that we have.

  56. Thank you for sharing this article!. Enjoy motherhood!

  57. Really cute post. It’s something to be thankful for because you never know what tomorrow may bring.

  58. Aw I love how you turned these into a positive fun mindset. Super adorable and I think you are a good mom!

  59. Being a mom is seriously not as easy as people think. Well, i am not a mum yet but I do appreciate what my mon does from young till now

  60. So cute but trust me they do leave and when they do you really will miss the messy rooms, dirty dishes an hose. Just kidding.

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