El Cabrito Taqueria-Haines City

El Cabrito Taqueria-Haines City

Now, I don’t now about you but food trucks tend to have really good food. So when we were in Florida we hopped we would pass a food truck along the way so that we could stop by and enjoy so delicious food. So when we were on our way back from Legoland we came across El Cabrito Taqueria. Now, this is the real deal for tacos it took us right to the streets of Mexico.

El Cabrito Taqueria is a food truck with a small outside dining area. Now, I would have to say that the downside was that since it is a taco truck they have no facilities. However, I will say that in our opinion the food is so delicious you wont miss the facilities.


I had the flauta plate which included 3 flautas, salad, rice and beans.  Let me tell you they were amazing! The flautas were so big they filled me up. We also tried the tortas. Now, the tortas were huge, the size of a plate. So the kids shared them.

Photo of El Cabrito Taqueria - Haines City, FL, United States. Taco al pastor y carnitas    

The tacos are a must try as well. They are really great tacos! Very authentic, just like the street tacos you would get in Mexico. Great salsa, too!I recommend the green was it is amazing. They have a variety of other things on the menu. The cost is a little bit above what you would expect to pay at a taco truck but the food was great! El Cabrito is a cash-only place so make sure you have cash on hand when you go visit. El Cabrito Taqueria also has easy parking nearby because it is located in an outdoor market. When we went it was raining but I am sure if you go on a good day it would be a nice thing to visit the market before or after you eat.

If you ever find yourself in Haines City I would recommend that you stop by and enjoy this food truck. Do you have a favorite food truck that you have been to recently and totally recommend.

Happy eating


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  1. Yummm! I love food trucks, especially with authentic Mexican food. Can’t wait to try it next time we visit my mom in Central Florida!

  2. Everything looks so yum!!

  3. Hey Lisa,

    Looks like you enjoyed the flautas (had to google what they were lol). Food trucks are the best, unfortunately, don’t get to them often.

    Portland, OR, still leaves vivid vegan food truck memories in my mind though 🙂

    Have the best day ever.

  4. Sometimes you can forgive no facilities if the food is absolutely delicious and it sounds like this is a place to go!

  5. YES!!! I LOVE food trucks. I can’t imagine going with kids to a place where there are no bathrooms though.

  6. Love a good food truck! Those look delicious!

  7. This looks so tasty! I have to say that America has the best food. I wish we had food trucks in the UK

  8. I had never heard of El Cabrito Taqueria before reading your post. But my family and I absolutely love Mexican food. Yum!

  9. I love to try food truck and I am never disappointed. I have save the name and the next time I’m in the city I will try it, it all looks delicious.

  10. I’ve eaten from food trucks but I’m super picky about it. I have to say street tacos from food trucks are always the best.

  11. They look like they offer some great food variety! I have eaten from a few food trucks before and have never been disappointed.

  12. In the UK the majority of food trucks aren’t that great and are mostly burger fans so I don’t tend to use them much. However the food you had looks lovely. Glad you enjoyed!

  13. Wow the food there looks to be incredible! Now I’m hungry… lol

  14. Love Mexican cuisine and good food. This looks very tasty!

  15. I love food trucks, and some of the best foods I’ve eaten have been from them! These dishes look tasty!

  16. I love food trucks! They are always so much fun to visit. You made me so hungry!

  17. That’s awesome that the tacos taste authentically Mexican. I’m so ready to find a good Mexican restaurant in our new place to live.

  18. Omg, this looks so delicious! I love food trucks as well, their food is always good and affordable.

  19. I absolutely love food trucks! I feel the food is always more authentic and has a lot of flavor 😘

  20. you are absolutely right the food of food truck is so delicious that if you eat once you cant never forget the taste!

  21. Love food trucks! We have a local spot that does a food truck round up every friday night!! Where we go for dinner. I can get duck tacos while the kids get fried bread lol

  22. El Cabrito Taqueria sounds like a great food truck. We have a fun food truck festival every summer. It is always a big hit.

  23. Wow! This sounds like a delicious food truck. I really love trying new and different food trucks. YUM YUM!

  24. Food trucks do have some of the best food. I’m all about good Mexican food.

  25. Tacos are one of my favourites whenever we go out to eat. There are not many options of food trucks here in Delhi. They do sell nice stuff. All the plates above look yummy.

  26. Yum! I’ve never ate from a food truck before.

  27. awesome food, they are really good looks great

  28. Wow it’s making me hungry.. Food looks yummy

  29. This food looks amazing! Never tried a food truck before, but it sounds great.

  30. Looks like some yummy food. Thanks for sharing.
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  31. Lots of delicious foods. I’ve tried to food truck before and it is totally delicious and really tempting. and convenient as well.

  32. Food truck or not, these food looks delicious. I love to try many different foods, as long as the food looks and tastes good, I don’t really mind where I can get them. Bon appetite.
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