The Best Vacations For Those With An Adventurous Spirit

The Best Vacations For Those With An Adventurous Spirit

If you consider yourself someone with a keen sense of adventure, then it is likely you like to have that in your holidays too. The truth is that it is relatively straightforward to find vacations that can give you just that, so long as you know where to look. Doing so will ensure that you get your fill of adventure, and that you are able to enjoy time with the family at the same time too. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best kind of adventure holidays which you might want to consider for your next trip away.

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If you are a keen walker, then that itself can provide a surprisingly adventurous kind of holiday. Although you might not initially think that hiking is that adventurous, the truth is that it can be, and it’s something that you can do in so many places around the world. Most countries have somewhere you can go to hike, meaning that you can see so many beautiful locations all by walking. If you so desire, you could effectively walk around the world, although such a long trip is not for everyone. Hiking can be great fun, you can do it with the family, and it often means a cheap holiday away. This is well worth considering if you are keen on walking and would like an adventure trip which is a little easier than some others.

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Something with a little more to it for some people is skiing. If you have never skied before, you might be surprised at just how thrilling it really can be. The truth is that skiing can be one of the most enthralling experiences you ever have, and it is likely to be the kind of activity that you want to do again and again. If you are thinking of going on a skiing trip, then there are some things to bear in mind. For a start, you might want to consider using the likes of Vail Ski Rentals to make the holiday much easier. It might also be worth getting some lessons if you are entirely new to skiing just for the sake of safety. Given that, however, there is no reason you won’t enjoy yourself hugely with this amazing sport.

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Similar to skiing in spirit, if you are someone who enjoys instead the waves then surfing could be a great way to vacation with the family this year. Learning to surf does not take too long, even if mastering it can do, so you can be sure of surfing within the time you are away. What’s more, it is something that everyone in the family can do, and you can do it in many beautiful locations around the world. With that in mind, why not consider a surfing holiday for your next trip abroad? You might find that it is one of the most exciting holidays you have ever had.

What’s the most adventurous vacation you have taken? What adventure is at the top of your vacation activity list? We’d love to hear from you.

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38 thoughts on “The Best Vacations For Those With An Adventurous Spirit

  1. I definitely have that adventurous spirit but I don’t think my body can handle these
    But would love to learn how to surf because I love going to the beach, will definitely do it soon.

  2. What great ideas. Its our first holiday season with a bub so we’ll take note of these ideas.

  3. I’m going to AFRICA in one month…. I think that’s a pretty adventurous trip! 😉
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Getting TWISTED With Some NinjasMy Profile

  4. I love hiking because there’s so many hiking trails with gorgeous views nearby! Hikes can vary in difficulty so it’s a great activity to do with anyone at any age

    Sondra xx

  5. These are all perfect choices for a family looking for adventure! I think that skiing would be super fun to learn how to do.
    Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh recently posted…The Best Kitchen Gifts 2017My Profile

  6. I don’t think I’m that adventurous 😂 Indoor skydiving would be kind of cool to try and maybe zip lining !

  7. My daughter would love all of these. She has the adventurous spirit in her. Me? Well, not so much. I prefer to sit on the beach and read.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  8. I would love to go travel and hike in different parts of the world. These are all great vacation ideas for the adventurous person.

  9. I love Hiking. It is a great form of exercise and the views are breath taking on the mountain top. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is so cool! I would love to go and hike in various parts of the world. These really are fantastic ideas!

  11. i am really scared about hiking seems you enjoyed doing it

    • I was scared the first time we went I actually chickened out halfway up and went back down with my little ones. The older ones continued with my hubby and they had an amazing experience. Next time I go I am going to push myself to finish. I know it will be worth it.

  12. I am not that adventurous but I really want to give my girls the opportunity to try EVERYTHING! I grew up skiing but would love to try snowboarding.

  13. I’ve never done surfing or skiing trips before. They sound like a blast and I’ve always wanted to try.

  14. I would like to think I am an adventurous spirit but I am always so indecisive on how I want to spend my leisure time. I’m usually doing the same thing over and over again. Maybe I should venture and try something new on this list!

  15. These are not really my kind of vacations as I have a bad knee and can’t do much hiking, I loathe the cold (so no skiing), and I have a seizure disorder so surfing is too risky. I guess I’m just too boring when it comes to vacations!

  16. I agree that hiking can be great fun. It also promotes weight loss. And although I have never gone surfing it would be nice to go on a vacation where one learned to surf and was involved in surfing the for the duration of the stay

  17. Although surfing has an appeal I haven’t done any yet. Hiking and skiing are two of the best ways to spent your life in my opinion. We go hiking a lot but I haven’t gone skiing since I gave birth 17 months ago and I miss it!
    Akamatra recently posted…How to make pumpkin puree from scratch!My Profile

  18. Vail is an amazing place! I would recommend anyone who has never been to go because it is simply breathtaking there!

  19. I think I would love doing the hiking ones for sure. I am not a good enough surfer or even a bad enough surfer to give it a try. I would need to take lessons first. Same with the skiing. Looks like fun though.

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