Kids Never Camped? 5 Essentials To Make It A Great Experience

Kids Never Camped? 5 Essentials To Make It A Great Experience

Kids love being active, and many enjoy being active outdoors. These days, of course, parents don’t feel their children are safe when they’re out alone. Unfortunately, there are so few opportunities for you to join them and engage them while doing their choice of activities. This is why family vacations are so important. So why not plan for a camping trip next time you have a week away? It’s a great way to spend quality time together and is an important experience for kids of all ages:

The Right Car

One of the first things you might need to do is hire a bigger car! Camping trips require a lot of equipment. If you’re not taking a big RV because you want to sleep in a tent, then you’re going to need to take everything with you. This might include fold-able tables, camp beds, towels, extra clothes, and boots! You might also want a cool box so you can keep fresh foods safer for longer. Don’t forget some extra bottles of water too. And you might even need a washing up bowl! No wonder you need a bigger car to carry all of that to the camp site.

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Can everything fit in your car? Picture source

The Right Tent

Choosing the right tent for your family is important. Some families like the idea of the kids sharing one tent while the parents have the other. If you prefer everyone stays together, you’ll need a bigger tent. Tents and camp gear can easily be purchased online, but you don’t know what you’re getting until it arrives and you’ve put it up. Read as many reviews of 4 to 6 people tents as you can before you buy so you know you’ll get what you need.

The Right Toys, Games, Equipment

There are so many activities to enjoy when you’re camping outdoors. Still, it’s worth bringing plenty to keep all the kids occupied no matter how old they are. Swingball tennis is a firm favorite. You might pack all of the bikes, and maybe even some other ride-on toys for the little ones. What about some bats and balls so you can challenge other camping families to a game or two? Then, of course, you’ll need those rainy day board games to keep everyone occupied until the sun comes out again.

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Lots of activities when you’re camping. Picture source

The Right Camping Site

Choose a camping site that suits your needs as a family. Shower blocks and toilets are pretty important, so make sure you have these facilities close enough to your pitch. What about a convenience shop? You might prefer to have a restaurant close by as well. If you know the kids are strong swimmers and you all love being on the water, it’s worth picking a camping site that is next to the lake or even by the coast.

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Sleep well in your tent. Picture source

The Right Protection

Camping can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Start by protecting all the family from the weather. You’ll need waterproofs and boots to stay dry in a downpour. You’ll each need a sleeping bag that is suitable for the overnight temperatures you’re likely to experience. Hats and sunscreen in the sun are essential too.

Are you ready to go? Where have you gone camping at? Where do you want to go camping? 

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  1. Great tips! We have no experience in family camping trips so this was really helpful in case we decide to go one day!

  2. I used to camp all the time growing up and we had none of these things going for us. I hated it!! Now that I have my own kids, I definitely agree that these things are super important. The best gear is crucial!

  3. I camped a long time ago. I’d probably do it again if I had something comfy to sleep on. I’m not big on being out in nature for long.
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  4. I have camped with my family my whole life and you never truly know how important to share these memories with your kids until you get older! Perfect post to ensure that these moments are special and run smoothly!

  5. I would love to go camping at some point. I grew up camping, but in an RV that my parents owned. It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure about sleeping in a tent though. Maybe we could rent one of those RV’S.
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  6. How true! Great advice! I grew up camping with family myself and have many pleasant memories. Our favorite spot is Yosemite. Can’t beat the views and hiking…and fishing…and stillness of time <3 😀
    Emma | recently posted…On Listening…My Profile

  7. i loved campings or school trips with my friends as a kid! We had tons of fun, i think all kids should have such an experience


  8. Awesome tips to help children that are new to camping.

  9. These tips are so helpful. We have never been out for camping with kids and we have promised them we will all go together next summer. So I need to start with the right camping site and the rest will follow as mentioned in this post.

  10. I love this. You have all the right tips to make camping stress free and fun. I can’t wait for summer next year to go camping!

  11. I’m not a huge camper, but it’s definitely a fun activity to do with your family! Thanks for sharing these tips for beginners like me

    Sondra xx
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  12. I love these! It’s so true – great tips!

  13. Yes, I am ready to camping right now. Since its not that hot right now where I live I would go camping.
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  14. I have never been camping in a tent. I don’t know if I could handling it. I’ve read too many suspense books that take place in the woods.
    Heather @ Kraus House Mom recently posted…Pulling Myself TogetherMy Profile

  15. What i like most about this post is how to have fun and still be super economical. This means no matter how big your family is you can still have endless fun. Thanks for sharing

  16. I’ve actually never been camping and these are all great tips for newbies like me! I’m hoping we can go camping weeny littlest ones are a bit older.

  17. We’ve been in SoCal for several years and still haven’t been on a camping trip here. These are great tips with lots I didn’t think of to help us make our first trip easier! Thanks.

  18. I love these tips. Having a great camp experience is so precious to kids. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I used to be a girl scout so I know a bit about camping and having the right tent is defo a must! You don’t want it too small or not water proof!

  20. This is great. Our kids love to go camping (3 out of 4 have been) as they usually go every year with cub scouts for family camping trip. Weekend full of fun activities including camping.
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  21. The last one is most important. Thank you for a great post. Camping is fun, but we have to be safe too.

  22. We went camping with 5 kids this summer. also while i was pregnant, and it was def necessary to have all the right things to keep them occupied and comfortable!

  23. These are all such great tips and things I might not think about! My parents used to take my brothers and I camping when we were young and these were all definitely important factors to keep 4 kids happy!

  24. These are great tips! Staying safe and having fun are all musts during family vacations!

  25. This brings back memories from the time I used to go camping with my folks. 13 years of wonderful vacations.
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  26. Going camping with the kids is so much fun! I love all of your tips that you have here to make it a success.

  27. Very awesome advice! My girl loves to go camping.

  28. Camping is one of the best bonding experience you need to do. Thanks for the tips, the tent and protection is a total must for me.
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  29. Agentszerozerosetter

    I camped many times when I was a child during summer! I have beautiful memories, and was really funny!

  30. I have never camped before. It looks exciting and a fun way to get out into nature so my family definitely wants to go camping more in 2018.

  31. Even with the little camping experience I have had with my daughter, I know these are all useful. Having the right tent does make all the difference when it comes to camping. Just being able to feel comfortable is so important.
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  32. I love camping! I think I should do soon with my niece and nephews.

  33. Those are really essential to have the best camping experience! That might be something that they won’t forget.

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  36. Great tips for camping with a family. I would actually like to glamp!

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