Life’s A Beach… Even With Kids!

Life’s A Beach… Even With Kids!

Do you dream of getting away from your busy life and forgetting all about it one a sandy beach? There’s nothing more relaxing than lounging on the soft sand with your eyes closed, listening to the waves lap against the shore.

Until the kids start screaming, that is!

Ok, so a beach holiday with the kids in tow might not be the best way to relax. But that doesn’t mean you have to forego these kinds of holidays until the kids have grown up and flown the nest. It is actually very easy to chill out on a beach holiday even with your kids. These tips should help you!

Choose Child-Friendly Areas

Not all beaches will be child-friendly, so it’s good to do your research before you leave for one. After all, you don’t want to turn up to a beach and find out that it’s a nudist one! So, make sure that the one you are thinking of visiting is good for families and young children. You should also double check the cleanliness rating as well. Not all beaches are kept as clean as others. Ideally, you need a clean beach that is well manned by lifeguards.

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Prepare Beach Activities

Take a look at sites like to see what the best beach games are at the minute. It’s worth getting a couple so that there is something for your kids to do on the beach – they won’t be as taken with the idea of relaxing and sunbathing as you will be; they will definitely need to be entertained! So, pack some games and bucket and spades, so that your kids can busy themselves while you chill out.

Use Balloons

If you visit a beach in the height of summer, there is a huge chance that it is going to be very busy. And that means you could easily lose sight of your kid while they are running around on the sand and playing with all the other kids they meet. Want an easy hack for spotting your kids whenever you look up? Order some balloons from a place like Postal Balloons. You can then pack the balloons and when you hit the beach tie a balloon to your kids’ arms. Whenever you look up from your deckchair, you’ll easily spot their balloons in the crowd!

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Take Some Snacks And Drinks

Once your kids get hungry or thirsty, they will be sure to start complaining. To make sure they don’t end up throwing a tantrum on the beach, always pack a few snacks and drinks in your beach bag. If you want, you could even take a whole picnic with you to the beach. This will be a lot cheaper than eating in one of the beach bars and cafes, that’s for sure.

So, your beach vacation doesn’t have to be stressful if you take the kids. Follow all of the above steps, and you should find that it’s as easy to relax as if they weren’t even there!

What’s your favorite beach to go and enjoy? How do you relax and ensure that your kids are enjoy it as well?

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4 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach… Even With Kids!

  1. Im not quite ready for the kid stuff yet. But oh man, life is going to be FOREVER DIFFERENT when they do come down the “pipeline”.
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  2. That balloon idea is genius! Just be careful you’re not on a beach that part of a national park. Some parks have bans on balloons and plastic bags now.

    We don’t have Children, but I still appreciate your tips. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of beaches with my family.

    Congrats on travelling with 8. We find 4 adults hard enough to organize. I can’t imagine throwing kids in the mix. But with your advice, I’m thinking it might just be possible…

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