Surviving Big Sur with the Kids in Tow

Surviving Big Sur with the Kids in Tow

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If you’re looking for your next big family adventure destination, then let it be Big Sur. Sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in California, U.S., this is a place that has everything both you and the kids could want when it comes to your family adventure holiday. To see just why, and to see some of the amazing things that you and the family can do whilst travelling up and down Big Sur, make sure to read on.

Pitch up in Big Sur Lodge

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When it comes to choosing where you will be setting up your Big Sur base, let it be in Big Sur Lodge. By doing so you and the family would be able to surround yourself in an absolutely fantastic grove of redwood trees, meaning you’d be able to truly enjoy what life is truly like in this corner of the world. And, yes, even your children, who may not have any appreciation for trees whatsoever, can enjoy a stay at this lodge! They will be able to enjoy themselves simply because of all the child friendly programs that are put on specially by the lodge’s Junior Ranger Program. What’s more, not only will your children be allowed to enjoy themselves, they’ll be able to learn vital aspects of camping and outdoor survival, too. They’ll be able to learn how to safely, successfully and quickly start an outdoor fire by being taught how to use a ferrocerium rod. They’ll be to go on nature walks and short hikes. And they’ll be able to learn of all the nature and wildlife that calls this part of America they’re home.

Head to McWay Falls

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If you and your family are very much into capturing all the important moments you share together in the form of photographs, then you should most definitely head to McWay Falls at some point on your Big Sur travelling adventure. You should do so, quite simply, because these falls are one of the most splendid things to see and photograph in this part of the world, and in turn are one of the most photographed things in the whole world!

When seeking to see McWay Falls in all their beauty, well, you don’t have to do too much at all. Just park up your car or camper van on Highway 1, walk down a very short (but sometimes very dirty) trail and down there you’ll find yourself one of the best views of these falls possible. But, if you want to see the absolute best view of these falls of all, then make sure to head to McWay Cove — here, you’ll see the falls glimmering in every shade of blue imaginable!

Explore Pfeiffer Beach

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Although Big Sur might not be the living embodiment of what you think and expect California to be like, it is still a part of the Golden State. And, because it is still very much Golden, you can still find many golden and sunny beaches within it! And, none of the Big Sur beaches are better than Pfeiffer. Here, you, your other half and your kids can enjoy a full day’s worth of cove exploring, pelican watching, sandcastle building, creek swimming and Pacific Ocean swimming. And, when you do decide to visit Pfeiffer beach, just make sure you stay to witness the sunset through the infamous Keyhole Rock gap.

Go wildlife spotting at Point Lobos

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If your family are very much interested and passionate about wildlife, then going wildlife spotting at Point Lobos is something you must do; you must do this because this is a place that is an absolute treasure trove of wildlife, particularly those that are marine.

Here, you and your family, if you bring a pair or two of binoculars along with you, will get the best view possible of the off-shore Pacific marine wildlife, such as humpback, orca and grey whales; as well as whales, you’re likely to see sea lions and harbour seals, too. And, if you turn your attention back to the land, you’ll be likely to see other wildlife that are native to this part of the world, such as specific types of coyotes and deers.

Ride horseback across Molera State Park

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Riding horseback is something that you should be letting your children do during a trip to Big Sur if you really want them to experience and feel the true culture of this massively important part of American history. And, there is no better way to allow them to do so than to get them on a guided horseback tour offered in the Andrew Molera State Park. By doing so, you and your children will be able to travel across the scenic coastline of Molera — seeing ravishing redwoods, scenic streams and brilliant beaches along the way — all on what is probably still the most beautiful way to travel.

But, Molera isn’t just a place that is beautiful upon horseback. No, you can also hike trails here, too. In fact, if you are serious about taking your children on hiking trails then this is the place to do so because it is a place that has a flatter terrain than the rest of Big Sur and has waters that are safer than most. So, if you want to get your children walking and maybe even surfing during their Big Sur adventure, then this is the safest place to allow them to do so.

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Big Sur truly is home to some of the most incredibly natural beautiful scenes that the world has to offer. So, if you want your children to be enriched by seeing such beauty, then make sure to head to there with them in tow!

Near Big Sur you can find the very quaint town of Carmel-by-the-sea, a place that provides the perfect respite from all the nature encountered in Big Sur. Make sure to bare this in mind if your children were to ever start yearning for a return to what they deem to be civilization!

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Have you ever big to Big Sur? If you have what was your favorite part of your visit? What other places would you recommend families with children go and see?

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  4. I love to travel and I am in love with all of these. It is important to connect with nature!

  5. I’ve lived in California for the last four years and still have not made it out to Big Sur yet! Plenty of my friends have and I have heard wonderful things! Now looking at your post and the beautiful photos, I definitely need to get myself out there ASAP so I can see and do all these amazing things!
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