Visiting the Big Apple with Little Ones

Visiting the Big Apple with Little Ones

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When it comes to travelling with your little ones, you want to open their eyes to the world. Vacations and trips help to broaden their perception and understanding of places around them and what potential there is out there. So what better place to take them than the big city: New York. Now, when it comes to taking children around the USA, most families will opt for the usual, beaten track of child-orientated locations, such as Disneyland resorts. These are great and we are by no means knocking them. But if you want to expose your little ones to a little more culture, NYC is the way to go. But what should you do once you get there and perhaps most importantly how do you go about bringing kids into a bustling inner major city safely? Here’s everything that you need to know to secure the best and most insightful trip for them.

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Let’s start with where to stay. Hotels can prove expensive, especially when you’re having to rent out multiple rooms to accommodate all of your family members. Remember that most hotels have single or double rooms, after all. You also probably want to remain in close proximity to your little ones. Having them in a different room to you can be daunting, even if they are only next door. The best way to go to tick all of your needs and put all of your worries to rest is perhaps New York Vacation Rentals or New York Rental by Owner. This will essentially provide you with an expansive living space that provides enough room for the little ones to run around with excitement in the mornings and settle down comfortable after a long day out. It’s essentially a home away from home!

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Planning Days Out

Any parent will know that you can’t necessarily play things by ear when you have kids. You need a solid set of plans that you can stick to. When it comes to days out you want to be organised. This means that you won’t be stuck trying to look at a map and keep an eye on your children amongst a crowd at the same time. It will also reduce the chances of having to queue, which we all know generally results in tears and tantrums. So, choose one attraction to view a day, book your tickets beforehand and (if possible) purchase queue jumps, even if it does cost you an extra few dollars. Kids generally love taking a look at the Statue of Liberty. But mix things up a bit. Take a boat around it, so they have the extra added fun of being at sea at the same time! Don’t just view the Empire State Building from the ground. See whether you can go up it and overlook the New York City skyline as a family. Whatever it is that you plan to do, try to approach it from an alternative and fun angle!

The most important thing when it comes to visiting the big apple with your little ones is safety. Always keep an eye on them and never allow yourself to become distracted. It’s a big city for a little one to get lost in.

So how many of you have been to the city that never sleeps? What addition tips would you add?

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36 thoughts on “Visiting the Big Apple with Little Ones

  1. I have traveled to New York by myself and it sure is a busy place. I agree that kids need to be watched.
    Tara pittman recently posted…12 Days of Pizza with CAULIPOWERMy Profile

  2. Love this! We’re hoping to make a trip there next year so I will be using your tips!

  3. New York is somewhere I would love to visit one day, there seems to be so much to do there for all of the family no matter their age.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…I Suck at BloggingMy Profile

  4. I haven’t been to America yet and I don’t have children but I can imagine how busy New York is. Definitely you have to keep an eye on the children. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities to choose from for them.

  5. These are fabulous tips to use when visiting the Big apple with little ones! I am going to have to book a vacation ASAP!
    Gingermommy recently posted…Keep Warm this Holiday Season with Skechers Boots (Giveaway)My Profile

  6. It’s been so long since I’ve been to NYC! I’d love to bring my kids there.

  7. Blair villanueva

    Haven’t been to New York only thru books and movies. Its in my bucketlist and I hope to visit this city soon!

  8. I remember being in New York with my father when I was fourteen and I had the coolest nanny. She took me to Broadway at midnight to see the Rockie Horror show live. It was fantastic! New York for me today is just overwhelming with too many people. But it’s a beautiful place to experience.

  9. Born there & take as many trips back as I can justify , especially at Christmas when it’s decorated for the holidays.
    Tina Gleisner recently posted…Christmas Decorating Ideas to Save MoneyMy Profile

  10. Going to the Big Apple is always such a great time! I have never been with the kids around this time of year though.

  11. I’ve heard of beautiful things about New York, I wish one day I could visit. Traveling with kids is never easy, these tips are awesome!

  12. Such a good post and tips. As my little one is growing, I can’t wait to start traveling with her as a family.

  13. Yes, I imagine planning your days out would be beneficial if you have kids. Absolutely love NYC! It’s one of my favorite places.

  14. These are great tips on planning for a NYC vacation, thank you!

  15. sounds like a great adventure and surely a memory maker for the whole family
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  16. This is great, thank you so much! I’d love to go, but it’s SO stressful with kids. I’m definitely bookmarking this for later 🙂 We’ll make it out there eventually.

  17. It’s always harder to travel with kids so I totally understand especially visiting my town. The city that never sleeps.
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  18. My kids want to visit New York, but I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge yet lol. I’ve always pictured New York as a crowded, dangerous place based on what I’ve seen on TV.

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