Miami Mahem: Keeping Your Kids Entertained In The Vibrant City

Miami Mahem: Keeping Your Kids Entertained In The Vibrant City

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Not everyone will think of family travel and kids when they think of Miami as a travel destination for their vacation. However, the art deco-styled city has plenty to do and see for kids of all ages, and it’s not just party central (although, if you can get a babysitter; the nightlife is legendary). Aside from being a beautiful coastal city that sits on crystal clear waters, not to mention some world-famous beaches; Miami is full to the brim with activities the whole family will enjoy, and you’ll have a jam-packed get-away if you decide to go there with the kids.

With so much vibrancy, culture, and glamor; your kids will have a fest for the senses, and will never forget their first trip to Miami. There’s also plenty of areas of interest for grown-ups too; making this exciting city in Florida a great choice if you’re planning a warm getaway with plenty of sunshine. The following are some tips, ideas, and inspiration for anyone who’s thinking of packing their bags for Miami and want to have a memorable family vacation.

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With such great weather, and so much to do in Miami; you’re best off booking accommodation with comfort and accessibility in mind, rather than a resort containing lots of amenities. Family-friendly places like the Best Western Plus Kendall Airport Hotel & Suites provide you and the kids with spacious family-sized rooms so that you know everyone has somewhere to catch up on their sleep after a busy day. You’ll also want to think about being close to the airport, so bear that in mind when booking your accommodation. Once you have a comfortable and secure base sorted out; the fun can really begin!


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Florida isn’t just about Orlando and Disney world; Miami has an array of attractions that your kids (and you) will adore. For little wildlife enthusiasts; there’s Jungle Island where you can feed the cockatoos and get up close to an array of exotic animals. There’s also Zoo Miami and Safari Edventure; both full of exciting wildlife and plenty to keep the kids entertained for hours; who doesn’t love holding and feeding animals? If your kids are into their science and are hungry for knowledge; there’s the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science which encourages you to have immersive learning experiences, and also houses a huge aquarium full of all the wonders of the sea.


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Remember that Miami also has some beautiful beaches and coastal views, not to mention some of the best tacos you’re likely to taste. Therefore, don’t forget to enjoy the local Miami culture and environment with your kids; there’s plenty of fun to be had on the sand or in the sea, and you’ll make some great memories in the Florida sunshine together. Hire bikes, boards, or skates, and wear the family out as you travel along the coast together; there’s plenty of opportunity for exercise, adventure, and discovery, and you won’t have to look far to find it.

What places have you been to in Miami? What places would you like to go to? Let us know we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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