Top 5 Harry Potter Must Haves

Top 5 Harry Potter Must Haves

When we first decided we were going to Universal Studios for vacation I thought it would be super cute if we ALL dressed up. I mean I had been hearing over and over that several people go all out when they go to Universal. And well my kids are HUGE fans. I mean we have seen the movies so many times they know all the lines by heart. No joke.

Now it was time to do some planning and some preparing. I wanted it to be a surprise for the kids so everything was done secretly. I had so much fun planning and purchasing everything. Do you know someone who loves Harry Potter? Chances are you probaly do. I am pretty sure they will love these 5 items.  If you do they will be just as overjoyed as my kids were.

The Proper Attire

1. Customized Robes

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Now, when I started out looking for Harry Potter robes I had to find robes for 9 people. One of those being an infant. I looked but I always found something wrong with the ones I found either they were to expensive, not the right size, poorly made the list goes on and on. That was when I turned to Straight From the Heart by Hilda. Let me tell you it was the best find ever!!! Hilda custom-made our Harry Potter robes!!!! Aren’t they amazing? Best thing is they fit like a glove. Even the baby!!! So, I totally recommend if you are thinking of getting a Harry Potter robe that you get it custom-made. I can’t tell you just how many compliments we got on them when we were enjoying the park.

2. Glasses and Tie

                                                                                                           Image Source

Now,I don’t know you but in the stores I found ties for over $10 each. I was not about to pay $10 for 1 tie. So, I looked online. You can find the set like the one above at Ebay for $11.25. This maybe good if you only have to by one set. But I had to buy 6! I need something cheaper than $11 a person. I looked until I found a site call Wish. Here, I was able to get the ties and the glasses for $1 each plus shipping. I paid a total of $20 for all 12 items and shipping. The only downfall to Wish is shipping may take a few weeks. I strongly suggest if you are going to purchase this through them you MUST order it a few months in advancejust to ensure it arrives on time. If you want speedier shipping then I would suggest to purchase through Ebay.

The Matching Accessories

3. Interactive Wands

Harry Potter's Wizarding World of Harry Potter Interactive Wand

No Harry Potter outfit is complete without a wand. But of course going to Universal not just any wand would do. I mean I knew the kids were going to want the interactive ones because what kid would not want to cast the interactive spells? You could imagine my shock when I discovered that each interactive wand was a whooping $50!!! Now, that was way over the amount of what I wanted to spend. For a brief very brief moment I pondered the thought of only purchasing 1 or 2 and having the kids share. I mean we have the Sharing is Caring talk all the time.  Then reality set in. It was not going to end well if I just purchase 1 or 2. That was when a friend told me about Ebay. I found a set of 5 interactive wands for get this only $150!!! What a steal! So, I would recommend if you are looking to buy an interactive wand but not willing to spend $50 each then you should check out Ebay.

5. Customized Wooden Wand Boxes

Now, the wands we purchased did not come in the box and even if it had that box would have been no match for my kids.  I started to look for customized wood boxes. I looked everywhere and I could not find the right size for the wands I had purchased. When I was about ready to give up I thought of Straight from the Heart by Hilda. I gave them the measurements of each wand and they made me 6 custom-made wood wand boxes. I was in LOVE when I saw them! Our beautiful wooden boxes were made by Alex. He is amazing at woodwork.What he can make for you? You should stop by and take a look.


So, in the end my kids were happy to get their Harry Potter outfitts and I was happy to be able to get good quality items at a great price. I truly believe that the best items one could purchase are items made by hand especially for you. I recommend you stop by and check out Straight from the Heart by Hilda. She makes each one of her items with so much love and care especially for you. I am sure you will find something for you or your loved ones. If you don’t see something you like maybe you can request it just like we did.

Adventures are magical just like the 9 3/4 loading dock!

Keep making magical memories,


84 thoughts on “Top 5 Harry Potter Must Haves

  1. Awesome posts! My kids and I used to love this series! What a great idea to recreate it!

  2. OMG I need all of those now! lol
    I have someone on my list who wanted a Harry Potter wand for the holidays, I’ll be sure to check out Ebay – thanks for the tips 🙂

  3. Traveling with kids is very challenging. I got very tired on a trip with neice.
    Harry Potter sounds great! I bet you all had so very much time
    Lyosha recently posted…MFW, part 3My Profile

  4. The customised robes are so cute and love the wooden wand boxes.

  5. i am 33 but every time i am in comic book store i am like a kid …. and every time i am looking over the wands… and i am saying to myself … next time :}

  6. WOW! You went all out. I can’t say I’ve seen any of the HP movies. Good for you. Hope they all had a great time!

  7. That is so awesome! I have never been to Universal and want to go so bad because I am a huge Harry Potter fan! I think that’s a great memory for you and your kids.

  8. This is cute. I am a Potterhead myself. I love that the whole family likes Harry Potter.

  9. Totally loved the idea of dressing up. Now I am thinking to buy my family a same set of dress to wear for our next trip.

  10. You are such an amazing mom!! You went ALL out. As a huge Harry Potter fan, I think it’s so cool that you created such an amazing memory for your family through this experience… and Hilda really came through, those robes (and boxes) are so well made. I can’t wait to visit the park myself… may need to step up my game though after reading this post, ha.

  11. eeeeeeek! I love the robes! They’re wonderful!
    The Harry Potter bug hasn’t bitten my son yet and I can’t WAIT until it does because I love Haaaaaaaaaarry!

  12. I am a hardcore potterhead! You are so lucky to have found such great items! I hope your kids love them!

  13. As Harry Porter fan, this is really cool! I love the matching costume with wand! Super cool!!

  14. I love Harry Potter so much! I have read the books in 2 languages and watches the movies so many times! If i was not broke now, i would go on a crazy shopping frenzy ahah
    corinne & kirsty recently posted…We Have Been Nominated For A UK Blog AwardMy Profile

  15. I’m actually preparing a huge harry potter themed christmas gift for my best friend! She loves the series so much I thought it would be super cool to prepare a huge gift with harry potter robes, a wand, some collectibles, Harry’s glasses and now I think I’m also adding a customized box ( yeah, I just saw it on your post and thats a super cool idea)

  16. Wow! Your family really likes Harry Potter! Great robes! I’m impressed with how into it everyone got.

  17. Harry Potter is one of our favourite series too and my son adore it.Love that wooden box so much.

  18. Love all this so much! How cool you guys dress up. When I have kids, I’ll dress them up Harry Potter themed haha!

  19. I have always been a fan of harry potter. I love the robe and the rod. They are nice.
    Rawlings recently posted…THINK BIGMy Profile

  20. Having to buy six of the same outfit must be tricky but you nailed it! They looks great! I think Ebay is awesome, sometimes people over look it too quickly 🙂
    Ithfifi recently posted…Freehand Colourful HeartsMy Profile

  21. Oh my gosh YES! We are Harry Potter obsessed and these would all be perfect for our next trip to Universal!

  22. Wow you really did a great job! I took my oldest two when only the first section (Hogsmeade but not Diagon Alley) was open. I did NOT plan ahead, and ended up only being able to afford to buy the kids wands (only $30 then but NOT interactive) and candy from Honeyduke’s before the budget was busted.

  23. I moved to California a year ago (the SF Bay Area) and we still have not made it to LA and the Universal Studios. It is on my bucket list and can’t wait to go. Your family looks great in these Harry Potter outfits, so much fun!

  24. Love all of the thought put into your trip! You guys did an amazing job pulling off the look! I cant wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy a trip to Universal Studios!

  25. I am a Harry Potter fan and its like fun to be able to dress up. I love that you were able to pull this all together without breaking the bank. I need to visit Universal to experience this. Looks like you and your famity had a great time.

  26. My son is all about Harry Potter! Wish we would have seen this post before Halloween! We got creative for his costume!
    Melina recently posted…How to Prevent the Wild Spread of the FluMy Profile

  27. My husband and I just rewatched all the movies last week and have tickets to see the Chamber of Secrets in a couple of weeks with a live orchestra! HP world is at the top of our bucket list!

  28. I am sure potterheads would be happy to receive these for Christmas! The idea of doing it as a family is cute too!

  29. These items are so cute. Are you guys yhinking of dressing up Harry Potter for this Christmas season? That will be cool!

  30. We love harry potter! The customised robes look amazing and along with the tie and glasses set really make for an authentic outfit 🙂 x

  31. This looks like a fun adventure for a family and that the kids would have a magical time!

  32. My niece is a huge fan of Harry Potter movie and I bet that she really wants these customized robes and this wand. It looks so fun and magical time. I will show this to her.

  33. This looks line a a wonderful time. I am a fan of Harry Potter too. The outfits look so authentic 🙂

  34. I love how easy it is to create this outfit. Most of these things you can find pretty cheaply. Were there other families dressed up?

    • Yes, it was fun putting everything together!Yes, we saw a few other family dressed we saw several individuals dressed up as well! They would come up to us and ask what year they were in and what spell was their favorite. It was a great experience!

  35. I would love to have those customized robes for our family this holiday season 😀
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  36. I am Harry Potter fan. Its so cute whole family likes Harry Potter. I love it.

  37. My son has been so obsessed with Harry Potter lately and has been asking me to have some sort of costume for him. I guess I can now put together a good one for him 😀

  38. You all look great! I think it’s time to watch this movie>

  39. I love Harry Potter. We have an interactive wand from Universal, I love it, such a great gift idea too.

  40. Agentszerozerosetter

    How cool! Have to absolutely show your post to a friend of mine: her son is Harry Potter fan!

  41. I love Harry Potter so this sounds like so much fun! I would love to have the robes and the interactive wand.

  42. Omg this looks like so much fun! You guys are such a cute fam! Great post and tips!

  43. Use to have a harrypotter book when I was little. Looks like you guys had loads of fun.

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