3 Amazing US Vacation Holiday Destinations

3 Amazing US Vacation Holiday Destinations

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The United States has some lovely places to visit. From beautiful scenery to bustling cities, there are a lot of choices for vacation destinations. However, some places get forgotten about for more popular areas. Here are some of the less commonly visited places to visit in the US that shouldn’t miss.

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

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Alaska is gorgeous. It is also massive and full of wildlife to see and places to explore. The Denali National Park & Preserve is especially great to visit in summer. This is when all the greenery is out, and the animals are around. It covers six million acres of land to explore, and every inch of it is worth seeing. Obviously, you won’t be able to see all of it in a single trip which is why people revisit the Denali National Park & Preserve year after year to soak up the nature and enjoy the scenery. The Denali National Park & Preserve is lovely and tranquil, and it is great to escape from a busy city full of people and all the pressures that life can have. It is common to camp, but there are cabins dotted around. The entire park has only a single road that winds its way through the park. There are few places on earth that are so in touch with nature and where you can escape so fully from the responsibilities of normal life. The Denali National Park & Preserve is well worth visiting.

Rocky Mountains

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The Rocky Mountains are vast. They have some of the highest peaks in the world and are a common destination for walkers and climbers alike. However, you don’t need to drop into these categories to enjoy the Rocky Mountains. You can visit the Rocky Mountains to reconnect with nature or enjoy spending time in towns and soaking up the culture of the people who live there. Best Western Plus GranTree Inn in Bozeman is one such place that you can use as a jumping off point to the Rocky Mountains or to enjoy other activities instead. If you do step into the Rock Mountains though there is so much to enjoy and experience that you will want to keep coming back for years to come.

Sedona, Arizona

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While the northern parts of Arizona are renowned for the Grand Canyon, Sedona is a few hours south but offers something special of its own. Sedona, Arizona is probably best known for the red sandstone rocks and for all the excellent outdoor activities you can enjoy right from the foot of the city. That is because this one is a city and as a city, it also offers all the things you might want from a city. However, it is so close to the beautiful outdoors with amazing hiking, cycling and climbing spots. Thanks to the fact that it is a little further south than the Grand Canyon, it is also a fair bit cooler which makes it a perfect vacation destination for those who aren’t so good with the heat.

Aren’t these views just amazing? What breathtaking views have you seen? What mountains have you been to or want to go to?

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20 thoughts on “3 Amazing US Vacation Holiday Destinations

  1. I’d love to visit these destinations! Alaska definitely has my curiosity at the moment! Would love to visit Denali but also go for a cruise around the state!
    Cassie recently posted…Healthy Pumpkin SconesMy Profile

  2. My husband and I have two of these places on our list of places to go in the states. But I think we need to add Alaska to our list as well! I love love the photo of Sedona!

  3. These three places are all on my must to do list next year. Thanks for making me realize I need to makes these trips happen. I can’t wait!!

  4. Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska looks so gorgeous!
    I’m going to add this to my “one day I will travel destination book”.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa recently posted…ClevaMamma Cushion Corner Guards Review.My Profile

  5. Sedona is on my to travel list. So many beautiful places in the world to see.

  6. I’d love to visit Sedona. It looks out of this world and a photographer’s dream!

  7. All three of these are on our must-see list! I’ve been to the Rocky’s a few times when visiting out in Colorado. My husband and I would love to visit every national park in the country!

  8. My great uncle lives out in Alaska and I keep saying I’m going to visit.These images alone are gorgeous and worth a visit. Such beautiful nature.

  9. We don’t really go on vacations during the Holidays, but it would be nice to know where to go best! These places are breathtaking and it would be nice to go there during this season!
    AnnMarie John recently posted…3 Easy Ways to Keep Germs at Bay this Holiday ~ #PURELLSurface #DisinfectWorryFreeMy Profile

  10. I have always wanted to visit Alaska, its such a beautiful place to visit with family to see everything

  11. I would share this post with my friends in US. I sure they would love to go. And when I come to US I will make sure I keep enough holidays in hand and cover them

  12. Alaska is one of the beautiful places I want to visit with my wife. I love those photos, so relaxing seeing those photos.

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