Christmas in New York City

Christmas in New York City

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This guest post has been brought to you by Kelly Duhigg.

Kelly Duhigg is the creator behind the Girl with the Passport website. Currently, she resides in New York City, nannies full time, and blogs about her travels in her free time. Eventually, she would like to transition to a life of full time travel in the hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams of travel.

Christmas really is one of my favorite holidays in New York City. Somehow there is a sense of hope and joy that envelopes the city; a feeling that is reflected in the vast array of activities and decorations that are the physical manifestation of this holiday spirit.

Every year I trek into Rockefeller Center and marvel at the sheer enormity of this this Christmas Tree and smile as I see the ice skaters twirl around the rink like figurines in a snow globe. Truly, the only thing that rivals this glittering botanical wonder is the ambiance created by Rockefeller Center itself. Angels playing trumpets line an illuminated, central walkway that culminates in the iconic, Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Local Tip: Do NOT I repeat, Do NOT go skating in Rockefeller Center. Sure, it seems all romantic and is a scene that we’ve seen in about a  housand romantic comedies but life ain’t no movie. Plus, those movies never show you how much it costs to get in the place ($25 to skate and a $12 skate rental. Maybe you should take out a second mortgage to skate here. Geez). Plus, it’s insanely crowded. You’d be much better off going to Bryant Park, Central Park, Standard Rink on the High-line, Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers, etc..

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Another one of my favorite sites to visit during Christmas in New York City is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This church is perhaps one of the most beautiful and iconic churches in all of New York City. So I always take a moment to step away from the chaos of the city and to step into the calm and serenity of this exquisite, neo-Gothic architecture, built in 1878. There is a solitude here that helps me to reflect upon the season and what it really means to me, that is the beauty of Christmas in New York City.

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You can stop by the Russian Tea Room for Afternoon Tea and enjoy fabulous Christmas decorations and an assortment of some the finest scones in town, or you can retreat to Meer Lake in Central Park and reflect upon Christmases past and present and about what this holiday means to you. Because the holiday festivities in New York City are about diverse and dynamic as the people that call this city home.

I begin to realize that Christmas isn’t just about the Rockettes that dance across the stage during their Christmas Spectacular at  Radio City Music Hall or about finding the perfect gifts for all your relatives at the Christmas Markets of Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and Grand Central Terminal.

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Sometimes the beautiful Christmas lights of Dyker Heights Brooklyn make me lose sight of the true spirit of this holiday season. Behind the flashy dancers and the glittering holiday lights is the simple idea that I am grateful for all the people who make my world a better place to live in. I need to let go of the intoxicating hustle and bustle of the Big Apple,  and remember to be thankful and to try and do my part to make this world a better place.


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Merry Christmas may you remember that the season is about the people in our lives not the items,


10 thoughts on “Christmas in New York City

  1. I’ve always wanted to be able to celebrate Christmas in NYC one year… being a Cali girl that’s on my bucket list for a long time. THank you for sharing this post so I can vicariously enjoy it!

    Jessica CK || Cubicle Chic

  2. Wow. So many iconic images of New York. That skating rink in Rockefeller Center makes me think of the ice skating scene in Home Alone 1.

  3. Wow! So pretty. I’ve been wanting to visit NYC for a while, but I don’t really want to do it alone my first time and no one wants to go with me….. Maybe someday!

  4. Wow, NewYork has many places and things to do on Christmas.I think my favorite would be the Russian tea room.

  5. I love New York and need to make it a point to get back their. Great post!

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