4 Reasons Why Japan Is the Perfect Destination for a Holiday With Kids

4 Reasons Why Japan Is the Perfect Destination for a Holiday With Kids

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There are many places to visit in Asia with your kids, but Japan is arguably one of the most-requested vacation destinations to visit from children and there are many reasons for this. For one, Japanese pop culture has spread its influence all over the world. With Japanese pop music taking the world by storm, and Japanese cartoon animation and comics receiving localizations in western countries, it has become extremely accessible and much of the content released in Japan is targeted towards young demographics.

The food in Japan is also interesting and unique, and there are many special locations for kids to visit. Whether it’s a video gaming arcade for the boys or a cat cafe for the girls, Japan has so many unique and wonderful sights and sounds that it’s easy to see the appeal for young teenagers. To help you decide if Japan should be next on your list, here are four good reasons why Japan should be the next destination on your list.

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Modern Part of Asia

Many parts of Asia are still relatively undeveloped. Although they’re still fantastic locations to visit for cultural reasons, they’re not exactly suitable for children and even many adults are put off due to language barriers and accommodation. In Japan, you’ll get plenty of fantastic services and there are modern amenities all over the country that will help you settle in.

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Surprisingly Affordable

You can find many cheap flights to Tokyo if you look online at the right places. Tokyo is one of the biggest destinations to visit and rentals there are surprisingly cheap. Hotels may be slightly expensive, but there are plenty of different types of accommodation that are affordable and suit all budgets. While eating and travelling might be a little more expensive than other Asian destinations, you can still explore and eat well on a budget if you plan ahead for these types of expenses.

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Delicious Food

Anyone that likes Asian food should make Japan one of their must-visit destinations at least once in their life. Due to Japan’s location, seafood is incredibly fresh and it’s the home to staples such as ramen and sushi which are both delicious and affordable in Japan. Even sushi bought at a convenience store is surprisingly good and offered at ridiculously low prices. While Japan is a foodie paradise for kids and adults alike, it’s certainly not the right place for unadventurous kids to eat. Thankfully, there are lots of cakes, sweets and western places like McDonald’s for picky children.

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Fun and Interesting Culture

As mentioned already, Japanese pop culture is incredibly popular with children, but that doesn’t mean that the more traditional sites aren’t welcome either. If your children have an interest in it, there’s plenty of unique and interesting sites to see such as feudal Japanese castles, information and relics on Samurai and even plenty of museums that showcase the history of their internationally-renowned animation and comics. There’s a surprising number of places to visit for kids to experience Japanese culture, but it does take a little planning and your child’s interests will play a big part in their enjoyment.

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  1. I love this! I had no idea Japan was so gorgeous, good to know its a good place to travel with kiddos. We’re not parents yet but we def plan on traveling a lot when we have a little fam!

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