Hidden Road Trip Dangers You Must Be Aware Of

Hidden Road Trip Dangers You Must Be Aware Of


Going on a road trip can be such an exciting time, especially if you’re doing it with your loved ones. However, you need to be aware of the hidden road trip dangers that could throw you off if you’re not careful. You may have done all of the necessary care safety checks, but if you’re unaware of some of the hidden dangers, you could still find your road trip adventure ruined by a terrible accident or scare.

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Soft Edges On The Road

Depending on where you’re going on your road trip, you might find yourself on gravel and dirt roads with soft edges. However, if you do, you need to make sure you focus on not getting your wheels caught. Just slow right down and take your time. It’s a bad idea to drive these sorts of places at night, especially if you’re not all that experienced. If you do find yourself hitting a verge, don’t panic. You shouldn’t hit the breaks or pull the wheel. Stay calm, or you could be putting yourself and your passengers in even more danger.Take your foot off the accelerator and slow down while directing your wheels back onto the road. Try to stay as steady as possible.

Make bigger allowances for stopping and you should avoid these issues.

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Wildlife And Animals

You don’t always see animals and wildlife in the road until it’s too late. The worst time for hitting them is when it’s just getting dark, so if you’re still driving at this time, make sure you keep a close eye out. Drive slower at this time than you usually would. If you do see an animal in the road suddenly, the only thing you can do is put on your brakes, flash your lights and use the horn.

Try not to continue driving at night time and plan to stay over in a hotel or motel if you can.

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Feeling Fatigued

Feeling fatigued as you drive actually increases your risk of crashing your card by a third. People who have been awake for more than 17 hours are actually just as much of a hazard as those who have been drinking. Even advanced drivers can’t avoid the issues that come with driving while fatigued, so don’t be mistaken in thinking you’ll be fine because you’re experienced.

Driving on long stretches of road can be particularly bad for people who are tired while driving. If you’re feeling restless, have sore eyes, a headache, or find yourself struggling to concentrate while you drive, you should try to pull over ASAP. If you can’t stop for too long, drinking water and taking a quick, brisk walk could wake you up enough. Opening the window for fresh air can be helpful too.

Just make sure you are aware of how long you’ve been awake for. You should take a driving break once every few hours ideally, so plan for these stops during your road trip. It can be tempting to get to your destination as quickly as possible, but try to enjoy the journey with your loved ones instead. Kids especially will need more frequent breaks. Make sure you have entertainment for them in the car too, so that they’re not tempted to distract you from the road every 5 minutes. If you and a partner can take it in turns to drive, that could also work!

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Other Cars

Other cars are always going to be a danger on your road trip, no matter how safe of a driver you are. You need to make sure you drive defensively and stay alert while you’re on the road. You shouldn’t eat and drive at the same time, apply makeup, or do anything that makes you take your eyes off the road for a split second. If something happens suddenly and you realize you’re going to collide, the best thing you can do is apply the brakes. Although you won’t be able to stop the collision, you can lessen the severity by applying the brakes. You’ll then need to take action, like getting representation to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Here’s a link to the website that can give you more information on what you should do if this happens to you. Try not to worry about things you can’t control, but stay fully alert at all times!

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Your Toddler Gets Out Of Their Carseat

Toddlers can be quite clever, and it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to unbuckle their seat and end up unsecured in the back of your car. This can make your heart stop on the spot, but do your best not to overreact. Getting scared will make you lose your focus, and your child could get scared too. If you brake too suddenly, your child will hurt themselves. Try to get off the road somewhere safe where you can stop the car, stay calm, and put your child back in their seat. If they are old enough, you need to tell them that they should never do that. Don’t get into a back and forth about why they can’t, just be firm and tell them not to do it again. When putting them back in their seat, make sure you do it from the curb and not the side of the road.

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Your Baby Starts Crying

When babies cry, the sound can be equally as deafening and heart breaking. When your baby does this, you can’t reach into the back seat to stop them, as this will take your focus away from the road once more. Try to find a safe place to pull over and see if they need feeding or to be changed. If you have somebody with you, have them sit in the back with the baby to keep them company. You should never be tempted to have your baby in the front seat, as it’s too dangerous.

Hopefully, these hidden dangers will make you think a little more about what you’ll do in certain situations before you set off on your next road trip. Have fun and stay aware!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! My hubby and I are planning a road-trip soon so it’s nice to be aware of potential dangers!


  2. We just recently took a long road trip. These are all very good point to be reminded of!

  3. We do a lot of road trips, especially spring/summer time. These are such good tips. We recently were going to hit a Deer while driving at night but thankfully no accident happened.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  4. These are excellent tips especially when traveling with small children. I also encourage folks to make a buddy driving arrangement to avoid doing all the work alone.

  5. It’s always good to be aware and cautious especially while on the road!! Thanks so much for sharing this post!!!

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