Road Trip! Destination: New Jersey

Road Trip! Destination: New Jersey

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Ok, so New Jersey might not have the best reputation of all the American states, but that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard it when you think about booking your next trip. The coastal state actually has some great culture and you will find plenty of sights and attractions to keep the whole family entertained during your visit. It really is worth a visit, and here are some excellent reasons why.

Awesome Food

What would a vacation be without some fantastic food? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that New Jersey has some especially delicious treats for you to try! Just take Taylor ham, for instance. Taylor ham is just the nickname that North Jerseyans have given to pork roll. And they like to eat theirs with plenty of cheese and egg in a soft bread bun. New Jersey also has a terrific restaurant scene as well, and you can find the best of international cuisine no matter which part of town you are in!

Cheap Accommodation

You will find that a trip to New Jersey works out quite cheap. After all, it isn’t the most popular vacation spot in the country, so the accommodation prices aren’t too high. It’s easy to find the best beach vacation rentals in Avalon and Stone Harbor NJ, and you will notice that you won’t have to remortgage your own home to just afford one! Another great thing about New Jersey is the superb public transport network – even if you end up staying slightly out in the suburbs, you’ll still find it easy to get to all the best attractions.


The Jersey Shore

You will have no doubt already heard about the Jersey Shore, and probably not for all the right reasons…

So, the reality TV show set in the Jersey Shore might have something to answer for when it comes to the whole state’s bad reputation. But the shore area is actually a really nice spot to spend some of your holiday. You won’t be too far from the famous Jersey Shore boardwalk, where you will find plenty of enjoyable rides and yummy food. Not only that, though, but the boardwalk boasts some pretty great views!

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Great Nature

Want a trip that involves lots of outdoor activities, like hiking and mountain biking? Well, if so, you are in luck – New Jersey has some amazing nature waiting for you to explore! No matter whereabouts you are in the state, you can guarantee that you won’t be too far from the nearest hiking or mountain biking trail. There are also some awesome waterfalls you should think about checking out too. Possibly the state’s favorite with visitors is Great Falls in Paterson, NJ. In actual fact, this is one of the highest waterfalls in the States as well as being a National Historic Landmark.

So, as you can see, you shouldn’t let a reality TV show put you off from visiting this really great state. No matter your age, you are sure to have fun in New Jersey!

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37 thoughts on “Road Trip! Destination: New Jersey

  1. I hope to be able to visit New Jersey one day and as much as people may think that it has a bad reputation because of the show, I never judge anything according to what I see but only when I experience it.
    Joan Cajic recently posted…WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST IN 2018My Profile

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit New Jersey before. It looks like there’s tons to do and I know I’d love the food.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  3. This is such a fun post on New Jersey! I live right next door, (nyc) and it’s not so bad 🙂 I appreciate the positivity in this post about a road trip to New Jersey. If you can survive a great road trip to Jersey with your significant other, I’d say you’re golden. Ha ha ha!

  4. I have never considered visiting NJ! But now I would for sure consider it!

  5. Haha who can forget the infamous Jersey Shore show, it definitely had its moments. But like you said there is much more to Jersey, like breathtaking nature and vistas!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…5 Cruelty Free Brands You Must Try In 2018My Profile

  6. New Jersey is always fun when we go visit our friends there. I loved Jersey Shore. I am looking forward to the reunion show.

  7. Never been to New Jersey yet and still part of my bucket list. Reading your post makes me so excited to visit it. Looking forward to visit the place this year hopefully. More travels and cheers to 2018!
    Anosa Malanga recently posted…Luxury Retinol Hydrating Cream – LuvenescoMy Profile

  8. The Jersey shore series was definitely the first thing that came to mind haha. Great to see that it’s more pleasant than the series makes it out to be!

  9. I’ve always wanted to visit New Jersey it sounds like an amazing place to go. Especially after reading this post and learning about the great nature they have their.

  10. Any place with awesome food is a plus in my book! We love traveling, and New Jersey was one of our go-to states when we lived in New York
    Dana recently posted…5 Simple Switches for a Healthier New You in 2018My Profile

  11. I love that you can find inexpensive accommodations. It’s true that if you go somewhere that isn’t off the roof for travel destination popularity, you can find really good deals!

  12. LOL Jersey shore for the win!! Love everything else you included especially the food that sandwich looks delicious

  13. Im originally from NYC but never been to Jersey to hang out. I would love to truly see the Jerseyshore boardwalk.
    Kiwi recently posted…5 Year Blogiversary + 2017 In ReviewMy Profile

  14. I’ve been wanting to visit Ocean City or just New Jersey in general! I hear it’s such a great place for vacations especially with the kids because a lot of things are kid friendly.

  15. Haha I remember watching Jersey Shore before, I even followed the story of their lives. I would surely visit New Jersey in the future and would check out that beautiful waterfalls. Lovely cover for cheap accomodation and food It’s just perfect!
    Alexine recently posted…Couple Getaway around the Globe StoriesMy Profile

  16. Not sure this seems like my type of place, but the food looks amazing! I’m definitely familiar with the Jersey Shore show, used to laugh at it all the time LOL

  17. I love New Jersey…the people are great! This post is great, and that sandwich looks delish.
    LaToyia Dennis recently posted…The One Word That Will Change My Life In 2018My Profile

  18. I agree that at times you see things differently on tv but they actually arent! Had fun reading your experience.

  19. Nj can definitely be cost effective especially if you’re staying away from Atlantic city
    Oyinkan recently posted…Top 10 Best Dressed in Solidaridity at the Golden Globes | Sexual Harassment SupportMy Profile

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