Five Things You Absolutely Must Pack for Your Cruise Vacation

Five Things You Absolutely Must Pack for Your Cruise Vacation

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If you have just booked your first cruise vacation, you might be thinking about what you will need on board. Bearing in mind that you are likely to travel at night and day, visit different cities and take part in evening entertainment programs, you will need a variety of clothes. Further, to allow yourself to have fun, you will also need loads of swimming costumes and comfortable clothing. Below you will find a list of five items you should not forget to pack for your cruise vacation.

1. Swimming Costume and Towels

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Most luxury cruises will have an on board pool and Spa. You will need a variety of swimming costumes and accessories, so you don’t turn up in the same bikini every day. You will also need more comfortable swimming suits for going on the beach or visiting one of the closeby islands by taking advantage of the miami yacht rentals offered by the tour operator. You will also need to allow your wet costumes to dry, so 3-4 pairs are necessary.

2. Evening Dress

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Your cruise is likely to offer evening entertainment, shows, and a casino on board. These events often have a dress code, so you will need to look elegant. Depending on how many nights you would like to spend in the restaurant and at the bar, you will need a couple of outfits to combine during your vacation. Make sure you take advantage of the laundry service, or bring dresses that don’t require ironing.

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3. Makeup Bag

You absolutely need to have your makeup bag handy all the time. When planning your travel packing, use a small pocket of your luggage for your makeup, so you can access your lipstick and foundation without having to dig through the entire bag. Cabins can be relatively small, so you don’t want to make a bigger mess than necessary. Comfortable Clothes for Sightseeing

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4. Comfortable Clothes for Sightseeing

The best thing about cruises is that you can jump off regularly to stretch your legs and explore different beaches and cities. However, if you are given a few hours free time, you don’t want to be walking around in your stilettos. Get some loose clothing packed, as well as sneakers and sports sandals, so you can see as much as possible of the destination in the shortest possible time.

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5. Zip Bag for Wet Clothes

You are likely to stop at different beaches and on islands for a few hours or half a day, and you might want to try the water. Get a large zip bag for your wet clothes and keep it in your beach tote all the time, so you don’t get everything damp. You can use the same bag over and over again, making sure that you have a clean and dry set of swimming clothes ready for the next destination.

Going on a cruise is an adventure that offers plenty of new scenes and experiences. Make sure you pack wisely and are ready for each adventure. Consider the itinerary when choosing your clothes.  

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27 thoughts on “Five Things You Absolutely Must Pack for Your Cruise Vacation

  1. I’ve never been on a cruise before! These are great tips to remember, should I ever get the opportunity

  2. Can’t forget the dramamine to avoid getting seasick!

  3. We haven’t been on a cruise yet but these are great tips. I would have never thought about the wet bag for travelling from beaches etc.
    Laura @ MommyDearest recently posted…Tripping Over Toys!My Profile

  4. My mom taught me always bring a big zip lock bag for wet clothes! Such a smart tip.

  5. Great tips. I am set for my second cruise in February and son’s first. I can’t wait. I like the ziplock bag tip such a good one.

  6. You look great in that evening dress, I don’t plan on going on a cruise soon but these are tips not to forget. You forget that you go ashore during the cruise so comfortable shoes are so smart.
    Melissa Chapman recently posted…New Website Shows What It’s Actually Like To Have DyslexiaMy Profile

  7. Great tips outlined in this post, Makes vacation fun and easy

  8. thank you for the list. if you have never been on a cruise, you need to know this!
    Kimberly Lewis recently posted…Cassie’s Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  9. I have not been on a cruise in YEARS! I would never know what to pack so this is really helpful information. WE are hoping to book a cruise next year! Cannot wait!!
    Censie Sawyer recently posted…Playing Card Valentine’s Day WreathMy Profile

  10. You know, going on a cruise has never much appealed to me — I wonder if it’s because I have small children? I feel like they (& I! Ha!) would run a bit mad! I think reading this though, it could be something my husband & I might look to in the future!

  11. This is a great list for almost all warm-weather travel. I always pack a simple dress that could be worn in the day or in the evening and it makes me feel prepared for most of my travel.

  12. I have never been on a cruise. A few of my friends have gone and the need for dress clothes seems a little intimidating.
    Rachel recently posted…My Favorite Medifast FoodsMy Profile

  13. I would love to go on a cruise someday, perhaps when the kids are older. I’ll bookmark this list.

  14. We want to plan a cruise for this Summer! I’ve never been on one and don’t know what to expect, so your tips are very helpful.

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