Orlando’s Hidden Gem: Gatorland

Orlando’s Hidden Gem: Gatorland

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Our visit to Gatorland was amazing!  We were able to visit using our GO Orlando GO pass. However, if you don’t have a pass  the price isn’t too bad.

Single Day Pass Prices


(age 13 years & up)


plus tax


(age 3 – 12 years)


plus tax


(age 55 years & up)


plus tax

*Take an additional $3.00 OFF when you purchase online.

From the moment you walk in you will notice that the park is spotless. It does not smell like a zoo at all, despite the large number of critters  living there. When you first walk in you are greeted by baby gators. (Note: the have little fish pellet dispensers for 25 cents a handful around this area).

They are divided by ages. They have certain times where you can feed the babies using fishing poles. We missed both time slots when we were there. However, my six year old made us promise that when we went back that was the 1st thing we were gonna do because it was just so COOL!                                                

Now, I was a bit afraid walking over the bridges here. I mean I know it’s safe but just looking down through the cracks and seeing crocs swimming. I was nervous but the kids loved it! After you pay they give you a schedule of the events. I love these because I am a planner and it helps plan the day. The first show we watched was the Jumparoo! Now, it was so much fun to see! The kids were in awe!I totally recommend you make time to see it. It really is something to see huge alligators jumping up to get whole chickens.

After the show we went around to the Gator Chow Shop and purchased some gator food (6 weenies). Now it was our turn to feed them. The kids were over the moon. Let me warn you be careful with the birds. They kept trying to steal away the food for themselves.

              It was interesting to see them rolling over each other to get the food just like you see on T.V. Now, if you happened to hit one in the eye the others wouldn’t hesitate to take a big chomp. It was exciting yet a bit scary. It was indeed a memorable moment for the kids. It was also a great time to talk about why alligators roll with their food. So fun and educational. Just my kind of trip!

Now, I am not gonna lie. I was blown away by seeing a white alligator. I seriously had no idea they even existed.

 Well according to signs we read white alligators can grant you wishes. They also can’t be out in the open they are sensitive to the sun. So they are in a special area.They really are amazing creature, check out these three beautys at Gatorland.

The next show we saw was the Gator wrestling show. We thought it was done very well done, the guys are very funny. My boys especially were in awe with this show. They couldn’t believe how close the trainer was.

Once the show finishes you can get your own picture taken wrestling with the gator (you must pay for this upfront when you get your ticket, it is an additional $10). My suggestion would be to arrive early to the show because before it starts they let a few people take their picture. The rest go after the show and the wait is kind of long. So go early so you can get it out-of-the-way.

You must then go to get your picture at the picture booth center. Here you can also get you picture taken with a baby alligator or with a yellow snake. We had ours taken with the baby alligator. The kids were stoked that they got to touch one. My 3 year old didn’t get to carry the alligator for the family picture but after the lady let him carry it on his own. Needless to say this was the highlight of his day!

Gators aren’t the only things you can see at Gatorland, stop by for a visit with their panther at Panther Springs.


You can also go to Bobcat Bayou. You get to visit with a small bobcat. We thought it was super cute just basking in the sun.

If you would like to have a more hands on experience they also have a tortoise that you can feed lettuce to for $5. We opted not to feed the tortoise instead we went to the petting area. Here the children got to feed the goats. It was $1.00  for a coneful of food. It was fun!

They also have aviary. It is a great interactive exhibit as well. But, I have to be honest my favorite was The Swamp Walk. It was just so fresh and beautiful in their. It took us awhile to walk through it but it was so interesting and educational. They had signs with different tidbits of information posted throughout the swamp. These were a great way to teach 1st had about things that grow in the swamp.

     If you are an adventurous person they offer Zip-Line across alligator infested water. As fun as it sounded we were just not up to the challenge yet. Perhaps, in the future we will be able to attempt doing something that daring. So, in the end I would have to say we strongly recommend that you take your family to visit Gatorland whenever you find yourself in Florida. You will not regret it at all!

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34 thoughts on “Orlando’s Hidden Gem: Gatorland

  1. As a Florida girl, we tend to love our alligators. So much so, we’ve dedicated refuges for people to come see them, up close and personal. I’ve never been to this one. Will have to check it out!

  2. I cannot count the amount of times I have heard horrible stories about alligators. It was nice to read something with a different perspective. Beautifully written! Adding this place to my bucket list!

  3. I love the idea of seeing those alligators while you are in Florida. That is a good change of pace from all the amusement parks and nice to experience their natural beauty.
    Melissa Chapman recently posted…Why ISRAEL Needs to be on your Bucket List of Adventures #VisitIsraelMy Profile

  4. It’s really a great place to take the kids to. It’s also a good learning experience for them. I like that the tickets are quite affordable!
    AnnMarie John recently posted…Master Bedroom Makeover with O’verlays®My Profile

  5. What an awesome place. I would totally want to do the zipline! But it would definitely be scary! That’s awesome they give you a schedule of the plans for the day so you can plan accordingly!

  6. This is a hidden gem. I am from the midwest and I am always looking for what to do in Florida and I have never come across this. Thanks, it is on my list for my next Orlando visit.

  7. It’s a great place to have fun and also face your fear if you are afraid of gators. a perfect place to experience nature and is also safe for kids.

  8. We’ve been to Orlando several times, but never Gatorland. We will have to check this place out.

  9. I have been wanting to go here with the kids. We live so close to Orlando, and go there a lot but have never been here. I think the kids would love it though
    Jessica Joachim recently posted…Creating Your Blogging BrandMy Profile

  10. This is such a cool find, my parents recently moved to Florida, so I’m telling them about this place.

  11. I just got back from FL two days ago! This looks SO cool!! Definitely going to check it out next time I go.

  12. I’ve seen ads for this place before, but I’ve never been. It looks like you all had a ton of fun!

  13. I LOVE Gatorland. Went there about a year ago. The white gators gave me the creeps with those stone cold blue eyes. I wrote a post about Gatorland too. Great place for kids to learn.

  14. Heading to Orlando Nextvweek and now I know what I can do with the kids while my husband attends his conference.

  15. This is great! We’ll be in Orlando for an overnight before our cruise in a few weeks. We’ll have to check this out!

  16. I have heard of gatorland, but every time we are in Orlando, it’s all about Disney. This would be a fun change to see.

  17. We were just there last summer! We took the kids and they thought it was absolutely amazing! We want to go again!

  18. The phrase “hidden gem” is definitely right — my whole family is from Florida, and I’ve never been here! I think this is definitely on the list for the next time we go down to visit.
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