5 Reasons why Families should Subscribe to Pure Flix?

5 Reasons why Families should Subscribe to Pure Flix?

As a parent today, doesn’t it seem like the tv is filled with movies that have violence and sex? I often ask myself what about those good old-fashioned movies that are filled with values that I grew up watching? I want my kids to experience movies like that. Luckily I came across PureFlix. Have you heard of it? I love it! It’s a similar to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu but with a faithful twist! I love it! It is a MUST have subscription for families everywhere for these reasons and so many more.

1. Convienence….Stream faith and family titles anytime, anywhere

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As a mom I can tell you convience plays a huge role in our day to day lives. Pureflix is extremely convienent. You can enjoy PureFlix.com on your smartphone, tablet, and computer, or simply watch on your TV. If you are unsure how to get the Pureflix app on any of the above just check out these simple instructions.

2. Family-friendly movies, and TV shows

Now, I am going to be honest with you I worry at times when I sent my kids off to watch tv on their own. Why?Because of the things they could be exposed to on TV. or online. Several times I have been watching tv with my little ones and noticed something I didn’t approve of on the show we were watching.

Know I now what your thinking you can’t shelter them forever. I know I know. But I have read that if you have children watch positive films with inspirational messages in them it could actually help them work out complicated behavioral issues.Pure Flix Homeschooling Educational Titles

3. Educational programming

As a teacher and a mom I am always on the lookout for great educational programs. I love that Pureflix has a huge library of titles available. Pureflix has engaging documentaries, movies, and series that will bring to life academic, social and biblical lessons. I am very pleased with the selections avaliable and can’t wait to see them all with my kids.


4. 1st month is FREE

Best of all Pureflix is so confident that you will enjoy what they have to offer that they are offering your first month FREE! Know I don’t know about you but any place that offers you to try their product for free is a win to me. It shows that they back their product 110%.


5. Economical Price and packages

Now I am always looking for deals and I think that Pure Flix is a great deal. Not only does it offer a free one-month trial it also provides you with 2 options to continue service. You can choose to go on to a monthly subscription or an annual payment at a discounted price.

Monthly payment Annual payment
$10.99 $99.99 USD per year (Save 24%!)

Another great thing about Pureflix is that both plans allow for simultaneous streaming on six screens!!

I really do hope you take advantage of the 1st month free promotion that Pureflix is having. I am sure you will LOVE it as much as my family does.

  • We recieved a free subscription is exchange for an honest review.


Go out an enjoy yourself some family oriented cinema,




74 thoughts on “5 Reasons why Families should Subscribe to Pure Flix?

  1. This seems well worth it. I like the educational program feature. I’m so tired of listening to nursery rhymes lol. I’ll be looking into this some more.

  2. I’ve never heard of this!! I love that there is an educational part included. This is so helpful for children who are growing and eager to learn. I also love how you get the first month free to make sure you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. It is so difficult to find family programming. I feel like my kids are growing up to fast and exposed to profanity and violence that I don’t approve of. Will look into this network.
    Melissa Chapman recently posted…When you first meet your spouse who thinks about the possibility of breast cancer ?My Profile

  4. What a great post! I’ve been looking into the Amazon Fire TV for a little while. Offer the first month free is a great idea.

  5. This is such a wonderful choice for television viewing because it can be so hard to find family friendly options… I am very strict on what my son watches so I love this.

  6. I agree that there are way too many unsuitable programs on the TV and devices today. Violence, sex scenes are all too prevalent and it would do good to show kids something that is clean, educational and entertaining at the same time too. I am sure this will catch on really well.

  7. Never heard of it but it looks like one to look into especially because the first month is free. Great post!

  8. Sounds interesting! I have actually heard of Pure Flix before but never really looked into. Sounds like a great and useful service to have!

  9. this sounds like such a great service. it’s hard to find things that help families out.
    Kimberly Lewis recently posted…Hello New Year – Week 4 – BalanceMy Profile

  10. The price is excellent and it looks like there are so many shows my daughters would love. It’s not easy to find a family friendly place with safe content for children. This looks awesome!
    Heather recently posted…Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs | Arizona Dinosaur ParkMy Profile

  11. I love how convenient it is to stream all these movies. It means hours and hours of fun with the entire family.

  12. Jeanette Radmall

    I am all about clean family entertainment. I’m so over all the trashy, garbage that is passed as entertainment these days. Thanks for letting me know about this service.

  13. I’ve not heard of this service yet but I will be looking into it. I rarely subscribe to tv services but any family entertainment that is really fit for family watching it nice to know about.

  14. I might have to look into this. I hadn’t heard of it before reading the post, so I’m curious now. It’s a really good deal!
    Amber Myers recently posted…Getting Lost In Middle SchoolMy Profile

  15. Pure flix seems like a good service. It’s cool that the first month is free! They have a diverse list of shows which are kid friendly!

  16. I love how family friendly Pureflix is, it is not something I have come across but will definitely be looking into it for my family and the price is not bad at all
    Anosa recently posted…Home RenovationsMy Profile

  17. That sounds awesome! I especially love that it doesn’t break the bank! I will need to check it out!

  18. I have to admit I had never heard of Pure Flix before but it sounds great. Do you know if its available in the UK?

  19. This is great and I am not sure why I did not know about it. I am glad that I came across your post for that information.

  20. I love this! I remember my husband downloaded an youtube app for kids, it filters unnecessary videos not suitable for our daughter’s age. And just like this Pure Flix, indeed a worry-free television time for our kids and it has educational programming too. And FREE for 1 month? what a great deal!

  21. I have never heard of Pure Flix before, but this is awesome! I know someone who would love this service and can’t wait to share this with them! This is great for families. Thank you!

  22. This sounds like a great service for families. That’s awesome that they let you stream on so many screens at once so everyone can choose their own entertainment!

  23. I have never even heard of Pure Flix. Right now, Netflix is working for me so I will stick with it. Perhaps this would be more worth it once I have kids.
    Cathleen recently posted…Fruit, Figs and Peanut Butter Coffee OatmealMy Profile

  24. I never heard of this until now. Learn something every day! Thanks for sharing this, I am going to look into it!

  25. PureFlix sounds great! We will surely have to check it out.

  26. This sounds like a wonderful option! My boys have the tv on in their playroom every now and then, but right now they don’t get the remote so we know what they are watching since we have the control. Once they are a little older and learn to use the remotes, we may have to get this so they don’t have access to all of Netflix!

  27. Interesting way to over see what your kids are watching. I do think youtube is a little free range for kids sometimes but exposure can be good.

  28. What even is pure flix?! I had never heard of it before! Sounds like a great thing though!
    corinne & kirsty recently posted…Falling In Love With A Faux Fur CoatMy Profile

  29. Never heard of this, will check it out. Maybe in the future my girls will enjoy it – they don’t speak English yet (:

  30. What a wonderful concept. I definitely need to check it out. In this era I definitely miss the movies with all the values.

  31. I have never heard of this before. There is a lot of mess on TV and this sounds like the tv viewing experience would be way more family friendly.
    Rose recently posted…Friday FunMy Profile

  32. This sounds so good! Never heard of it before but that educational programme feature sounds amazing. And the fact it’s a first month free!

  33. This is seems like a great cost for cord cutters looking for family friendly programming.
    Aitza B recently posted…What’s On My Bookshelf – Winter Reading List 2018My Profile

  34. I would love Pure Flix. I need something new in my life for streaming.
    Angela Milnes recently posted…Woodland Cushions For The LoungeMy Profile

  35. I had actually never heard of this program before. I will have to tell my friends and mom about it, as I bet they would love it. This sounds perfect for families, thank you for sharing!

  36. Jessica Bradshaw

    That’s awesome. I am all about making things better for the family. Kids are sensitized too early now.

  37. Oh wow didnt know about Pure Flix, but sounds great. I’d love to gift this to a few friends and their family. They’d love this!
    Jennifer L recently posted…7 Quick Beauty Tips to help you look Fabulous on the GoMy Profile

  38. I am surprised I have never heard of this. I am always looking for way to educate my children beyond school I love that the first months free and I wouldn’t have to worry what they watch 24/7.

  39. Honestly, this is the first time that I’ve heard of this streaming service and I think it’s awesome. It’s such a good deal, especially with their offerings! It’s perfect for families with little kids too.

  40. I love that the first month is free. I’m more apt to try something if I can try before I buy. I am a streaming crazy grammy.

  41. I havent ever heard about this! There are so many to keep up with these days! This looks really cool though. Maybe I will give it a try.

  42. Never heard of Pure Flix! Sounds like a great option to find family friendly movies, being a new parent I can totally see myself using this service.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  43. My kids are watching paw patrols and bubble guppies now. I have to pay for some of the episodes. It’s seems like Pure flix can add a bit more variety and education contents to what they are getting now. I am going to give it a try.
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