The Cirque Magique Dinner Show

The Cirque Magique Dinner Show

Last time we went to Florida we had several character dinners when at Disney. We loved the memorable dining experiences we had. This time around we wanted to have a memorable meal outside of the amusement parks. Luckily,  our Go Orlando Go card allowed us to check out The Cirque Magique Dinner Show.  Have you ever checked them out?

What to expect

It is an amazing dinner show! It is highly interactive featuring circus performers from around the world. Acts include a comedy magician, a few clowns, acrobats and even performing dogs! Everything you would see in a regular circus you can see at the Cirque Magique Dinner Show. I have got to say all the performers are all extremely talented and have traveled around the world performing amazing feats for kids of all ages.

It is important to know that the venue is small and there is not a ton of space, so you do need to reserve and book early.Included in your admission is a deliciously, simple meal, which includes drink and a funnel cake (which is brought during the grand finale). When you call to book your show you can place your order. I took advantage of this one less thing to do when you get there.  You must know that the options for dinner are limited but good. Adults will be able to choose from a premium black angus cheeseburger or a juicy chicken burger; while the children get to pick from chicken nuggets, macaroni or a hot dog. After dinner the children get a funnel cake with icecream! They LOVED it!

Additional Fees

I will be honest we had a bit of a hard time finding the location and just like any other tourist place in Florida you have to pay for parking. The cost is an additional $5 so make sure you have cash with you when you go. Once you arrive you want in a covered area for the doors to open (30 minutes before the show begins). At this time you can make changes to your existing order or you can place your order if you haven’t already done so.

Once inside you will be asked to take a group picture for an additional $10. The dining area itself is rather small, so you do need to reserve and book early. We were lucky enough to get a table right in front of the stage. The kids were floored by this. Shortly after we were seated our waitress Giggles, the clown arrived.  You can purchase appetizers for $5 a plate. If you have a large group I would recommend you get two plates like we did. We had the mozzarella sticks and onion rings. Which we both recommend. The sauces are amazingly delicious as well.

They also sell glow in the dark items during the show. So, if you know your children will want something make sure you have extra money. And just like any circus you can also purchase cotton candy for $5 a piece.

What makes them unique

One of the neat things about Cirque Magique is that all the waitstaff is apart of the show. This was impressive for us. I have to say Giggles were very attentive as our waitress and she was amazing in the show. Major props up to her for her amazing work. She made our visit memorable. Actually, I was amazed at how all the waiters and waitresses could run and refill drinks as well as dance on stage immediately after.

Another great thing about the show is how interactive it is. Our son got to help the magician with the cup trick. He had fun helping him out. Our daughter also made it on stage and participated in the ballerina show. Both had a great time and created memories for a life time. There were many other opportunities for the crowd to participate. They selected people of all ages to take part in the show.

I really can’t say enough good things about this show. All my kids were mesmerized. They absolutely loved it! Normally, they finish their meals in record time. That however was not the case here because they couldn’t look away! Thanks to all of the staff at Cirque Magique for providing us with an entertaining dining experience filled with many laughs. If you find yourself in Orlando we hope you get a chance to check them out. You will love it.

What dinner shows have you been to? What would you recommend to be our next dinner show?

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  1. I want to go there! It seems fun! it is so perfect for family bonding.

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  3. We love these shows. We took our daughters to one for the first time this year. I love the dinner option, I’ll look for that the next time we book.

  4. Looks like a fun show and it is great that they let you participate which adds to it. I will look into it when we go back to Orlando

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  13. What a fun show you all were able to see and how awesome was the experience! I love the crowd involvement aspect. Thanks for sharing!

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  15. This looks like so much fun. A kids night out is always a good idea, and they really appreciate it. I’d love to do something like this with my boys.

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