Top 6 Areas to Enjoy While at Wonderworks Orlando

Top 6 Areas to Enjoy While at Wonderworks Orlando

When you arrive to Wonderworks the first thing that gets your attention is the building itself. It is super cool. I mean where else are you going to see an upside down house with smoke coming out of it! The kids were in awe. If you do make your way to Wonderworks in Orlando you will need to know that parking is in a garage next door. The cost of parking is $10. Bummer right but on the upside Wonderworks is open until midnight! This is a huge plus because we were able to spend the day in the amusment parks and then go to dinner and after go and enjoy an evening out.

wonderworks house

Wonderworks has 3 levels to enjoy but before you can enjoy the many, high-quality interactive exhibits you have to choose a way in. You can either go through a spinning tunnel or stairs. The kids went through the spinning tunnel and the baby and I decided the stairs was the best way to go for us. Once inside there are tons of things for you to do. These are our top 6 areas to enjoy at Wonderworks.



The children had a great time using the Tesla Coil. The just could not believe that they were using the 100,000 volts of Electricity to make a lightning bolt. It really was cool to watch.

hurricane shack

Next, we had fun visiting the Earthquake Cafe and The Hurricane Shack. Here you can experience a 5.3 quake and 74 MPH wind! Warning to the wise when in the Hurricane Shack the give you goggles to wear HANG ON to them because they fly off with the wind. It was quiet an experience.



I will admit the thought of laying down on a bed of 3,500 nails seemed a bit scary yet intriguing. Each one of the kids had to have a turn on it. You can tell they were a bit nervous. They talked about this experience for days after.


Next on our list of exciting things to do was the Bubble Lab! We loved it here. You can make bubble of many different shapes and sizes. Our favorite part was the big bubble making. Just be careful when in this area the floor is wet because of all the bubbles.



colorful gears

Here the kids had fun using giant lights and gears to make designs. This area is not only for the kids to enjoy. There were several adults making some really impressive designs. The kids enjoyed letting their creativity run wild.


Wonderworks-Space suitThe kids really enjoyed this area because they are into Space and they got the opportunity to take a picture in a space suit. Even though all they do is stand behind the suit for a photo-op they still had a blast. They also got a chance to get into a replica of the Mercury Capsule which according to them was super cool!

The Astronaut Training Challenge Simulator was fun for my daughter (who was the only one who was tall enough to ride). There were 2 of them (suitable for 2 ppl each). The line was not to long for the ride. The important thing to remember here is that the two people riding need to be close in weight and size.If they are not the ride will be off-balance.


Roller Coaster Simulator was a very cool idea and fun to choose your own track type. The indoor roller coaster allows you to create your twirls and swirls. You get to choose if you want a normal or a wild ride. Again the line here wasn’t to bad maybe a 5-10 wait. They have 2 of the simulators and only 2 people can ride in each one.



Since we used the Go Orlando Go Pass we got the option of rope climbing or laser tag. As much as we wanted to take a whirl on this 3 story, glow-in-the-dark adventure. Where you get the chance to conquer over 20 different obstacles, while carefully crossing over suspension bridges and swinging beams! We decide to do Laser Tag instead so that all the kids could play together. However, we decided to include it on the list because the next time we go to Wonderworks it’s at the top of the list!



The Laser Tag area was big and fun. They even let my 3 year old in to play. He was so happy he got to go in with the big kids. There was no line here either we just had to wait for the game before us to finish. They have many arcade games to play on this level but they are extra. We decided we were only doing the stuff that was included on the pass. Perhaps the next time.

All in all I would say our trip to Wonderworks was a success. We spent a good 3-4 hours here. I strongly recommend going late at night like we did. The wait was not bad for any of the rides and it was a great way to tire the kids out so that they could go to sleep.

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