8 Top Picks on Pure Flix for a Loving Weekend

8 Top Picks on Pure Flix for a Loving Weekend

February is a month used to celebrate love. Love comes in many shapes and forms. It is a wonderful blessing to everyone who is touched by it. Now, I will admit I am a sucker for love stories. I just can’t get enough of them. It’s a great way to spend a Mommy Alone Time, especially because the grand majority of the love movies now a days aren’t appropriate for kids to join in and watch. However, now with Pure Flix.com that is no longer an issue.  My kids can watch love stories with me and I don’t have to worry about them covering their eyes or fast forwarding through the inappropriate parts. It’s a win win for everyone.

In honor of Valentines Day we decided to enjoy an early love story weekend. We found several great movies on PureFlix.com. Well, actually they have a section titled Love and Romance Month. You really should check them out. Your 1st month is free! They have several heart warming, tear jerking love stories to choose from but these were our top picks.

1. New Life: A real True Love movie

This was a major tear jerker. If you get to see if make sure you have a box of tissues with you at all times.

2. Little Notes to Heaven: A Sweet, Young Love movie

This movie reminds me of how innocent young love is. This movie is a happy yet sad movie.

3. An Hour Behind:When an accident turns into love movie

This movie is a funny because it shows you how a simple accident can turn into something that is meant to be.

4.Love Finds You in Valentine: Love in Unexpected Places

This is a heart warming movie about how love could be found in the most unlikely places.

5. Love Finds You In Sugarcreek: Love in new places

This movie was a favorite because it takes you back to a simple place with simple times.

6. Raising Izzie:Love of a Family

This is a great movie. It shows that family love stronger than anything. Regardless, of whether you are blood or not.

7. 2 to Tangle: A mixed up love story

This movie is interesting it makes you believe that there really is a double for everyone out there.

8. Courageous Love: There is nothing stronger than love

This movie shows you how love can come out strong of any situation.

So,  if you are in the mood for seeing a few good love movies you should tryout Pure Flix.com. You really should give them a try. They have many wonderful movies that make you feel a variety of emotions. The best thing is your children can watch them with you and you don’t have worry about anything.


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74 thoughts on “8 Top Picks on Pure Flix for a Loving Weekend

  1. Guess I better get the chocolate, champagne and couch ready. These flicks look perfect for valentine’s day!

  2. What some awesome sounding films to what over a weekend, perfect for curling up with your other half with for sure.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Earn Money with OhMyDosh!My Profile

  3. Well it’s snowing hard here so looks like I won’t be leaving the house! Might be a good time to settle in for a movie marathon
    Cara recently posted…Pomegranate Glazed Salmon with Roasted VeggiesMy Profile

  4. Looks like a good list! I too am a sucker for romantic movies, will definitely be checking some of these out!

  5. These really are great for watching with the family. I love adding new things to binge watch when I am off from work during the weekend.

  6. Thanks for all the recommendations. I’ll be traveling soon and will need time to kill on the plane. Might watch one of these 🙂

  7. What a great list! Thank ypu for the recommendations!!!

  8. I’m not a huge fan of chick flicks and I know my kid would totally not be into them ever. But I think this is still a great way to watch romantic movies without all the sex and nudity. Love this idea!

  9. I can’t say that I have ever heard of Pure Flix before. I’m a sucker for a good love movie though and some of these look pretty darn good.
    Jessica Hughes recently posted…Garden Party Baby ShowerMy Profile

  10. These are such great choices. Love the trailers.

  11. All great movies! Our family just loves pure flix never a bad movie and all with a message worth hearing

  12. Wow I’ve never heard of them, but hey I’m down for anything you can enjoy and watch with the whole family. Will definitely need to check it out!

  13. These look like amazing movies! ALL of the trailers were interesting. I’ll be looking more into Pure Flix.
    LavandaMichelle recently posted…Valentine’s Day Gift GuideMy Profile

  14. I have never tried out Pure Flix before. I will have to give it a try when I get the opportunity. Always good to find other good movies out there.
    David Elliott recently posted…This Jelly Is Jamming: Knott’s Peanuts Celebration 2018 Totally RocksMy Profile

  15. Lots of folks getting snowed in about now. These suggestions are timely times two (the holiday and the weather).

  16. I have not heard of any of these nor have I heard of Pure Fix. That one about the accident turning into love sounds cute.
    Nina recently posted…Rosegal Valentines saleMy Profile

  17. I’ll have to check this out. All of these movies sound like ones that I enjoy. My daughter and I will enjoy them. My husband will probably mock them.
    Amber Myers recently posted…Hey, It’s OkayMy Profile

  18. I am so going to watch ALL THE CHICK FLICKS next week in honor of this LOVELY month, plus my husband will be out of town, so I won’t feel bad FORCING HIM to watch with me! LOL!

  19. There’s nothing better than just snuggling up with a romantic comedy. I know I even loved them growing up, but it would have made it a lot easier to have Pure Flix!!
    Maria recently posted…February 2018 Goal Check + FREE PRINTABLE!My Profile

  20. That sounds like a great list. I’ve never seen any of those films.

  21. I have not heard of some of them…but it sounds like a nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
    LaToyia Dennis recently posted…My Black Panther Review: Family, Friends, And FoesMy Profile

  22. Who knew there was so many things on Pure Flix? I have never actually seen any of these!
    Cathleen recently posted…Peppermint Bark Chocolate BreadMy Profile

  23. All these movies sound like great choices for Valentine’s day. I’m going to have to check out one of these this weekend.

  24. I am so happy to see your list. I find love stories very relaxing to watch compared to action packed movies. I have bookmarked your page and will be checking some of these movies out.

  25. I want to watch Love Finds You in Valentine. It seems like a nice movie.

  26. I’m also a love story lover and this selection is right up my ally. Can’t wait to start watching them. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  27. I love your suggestions for movies! I Totally love romanan movies. I am saving this page . Thanks!

  28. These are all really great choices. The trailers were awesome.

  29. Wow I think that’s a wonderful idea to spend this valentines day!Never knew that website. I have bookmarked it!

  30. Oh these are perfect! You are so sweet to share us these flix 🙂
    Saving this for our movie home date with my Amore.

  31. Thanks for sharing the collections, I should check them out

  32. I did not know about this website. Such sweet sounding movies.

  33. I have never heard of Pureflix, but these movies seem like such good, well written, and family friendly options! I am going to join! Thanks!

  34. I definitely needed some more love movies to watch in my life. This is such a great share!

  35. I’ve never heard of Pure Flix! These all sound soooo good for the weekend before Valentines Day!

  36. first time i’m hearing of this. sounds really good for the family. i’ll pass it on to my friends that have kids (cuz I don’t)
    maritza baez recently posted…Choose a Soap that MattersMy Profile

  37. I have never heard of this streaming program before. I’ll have to check it out because these look like some wonderful movies.

  38. I am a sucker for chick flicks and romantic comedies! And I love pureflix! I want to watch an hour behind !! <3 <3 Thanks for sharing!

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