3 Reasons why you should play escape games with your kids?

3 Reasons why you should play escape games with your kids?

It’s no secret all kids love to learn and be apart of fun and interesting things. They are born with that natural curiosity. They all go through the but why stage. Their little sponge-like minds desire knowledge. Many of them my children included want to try to figure out how things work. My son used to take random things apart when he was younger just so he could put them back together.  He even used to do it in class! So, imagine how happy I was when I came across my first escape room game. I quickly discovered it was a great way for curious children to quench their thirst for knowledge.

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Yes, you heard write and Escape Room Game. Some of you maybe wondering what exactly is an escape game? Escape game rooms are a puzzle-based attraction that you can do in real life or online. We had our first experience with an online version we got at Pretiful Designs and I can’t tell you enough just how much fun it was for the whole family.

The game is not only interesting but they also offer educational benefits for its players. And anyone who reads my posts often can tell you that I am ALWAYS looking for a way to incorporate education into everything. So just what other benefits does playing escape room games have on it’s players?

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1. Learn how to make connections and think outside of the box

In escape games you’ve got a series of puzzles that you need to solve in order to win the game. So you have to see how everything is connected to be successful. The game is timed so that means you have to think fast and be on your toes. You and your team need to use logic and context clues in order to get ahead.

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To be honest with you escape room games are designed for you to work together. So, if you find yourself constantly arguing over things I am sad to say you will not get anywhere. So my recommendation is before you start playing tell you child that to be successful they must set aside their differences and use each of your strengths in order to get through the room.

So, once this has been established the next thing to tackle is sharing information. Once your team achieves this you will see how together you all can come up with the right answer and escape from the room.

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3. Communication

In a escape room games it is important that you ask questions to your teammates. This will help your child learn good question asking skills. As a teacher and mom I can tell you that asking for help is sometimes challenging for kids. Well, to be honest asking questions is hard even for some adults. That’s why playing a room escape game with your kids it’s great way to teach them how to ask for help. They will be able to see first hand that sometimes asking for help can actually help them get ahead.

Of course there are many other reasons why kids should play room escape games and that’s why we are inviting you to discover them by yourselves. So, Traveling with Kidz has partnered up with Like Sara but with a d and Prettiful Designs  to offer you the opportunity to win  big with our escape room giveaway. You just might be lucky enough to win!

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There is no escape from having a good time,


8 thoughts on “3 Reasons why you should play escape games with your kids?

  1. I’ve done one escape room with some friends, and we loved it! I have never thought before about bringing kids, but you have great points that they would learn and grow from the experience!

  2. Escape games sound like fun- will give it a try with my family. Seems you will either end up working as a team or debating- which is even more fun. LOL! I think the concept of escape games creates a more meaningful family bond because the name of the game is TEAMWORK” aside from the brainstorming and problem-solving. The family that works together, escapes together. 🙂

  3. A great idea to bond and learn the same time. Worth the time spend planning something an escape room game. Thanks

  4. Some nice techniques in parenting…I liked the idea of these puzzle based escape games which would help the child to have logical thinking and make them adaptable to any situation.
    Neha Gupta recently posted…Homeschooling Methods, Approaches and StylesMy Profile

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