Westcreek Horse Trails- The Best in San Antonio

Westcreek Horse Trails- The Best in San Antonio

For as long as I can remember I have always loved horses but my love of them was at a distance. I mean the closest I had come to a horse was feeding one through a fence. I had never had the opportunity to actually ride one. Well, that was all about to change because I had found a real hidden treasure right here in San Antonio, Westcreek Trail Rides. I was so excited to find them because I wanted my children to get the experience the thrill of horseback riding.

Why go horseback riding?

Well, for one it’s fun and exciting but did you know that with that fun and excitment there are many benefits of horseback riding? For one, horseback riding  takes place outdoors which is always a plus in my book. But, there are many more benefits to horseback riding. Many see horse riding as being very therapeutic especially  if you and your children are wanting to unwind after a long week at the office and school. Nothing beats holding on to the reins and letting the horse take you on this amazing ride.

Now, when you are on a horse you must balance yourself. This was a hard one for the little ones at the beginning but they had it down in no time. You just become one with the horse it is amazing! Going on trails is a great time for you and your family work on their patience. The horses walk at a normal pace and it is just amazing it not have a care in the world for that 1 hour.

If you are ready to experience all the benefits of horseback riding, then come for a ride at Westcreek Trail Rides.

Why choose Westcreek Trail Rides?

When we were looking for Westcreek I was sure we had taken a wrong turn somewhere because we were in a neighborhood. I was certain Google Maps was taking us to the wrong place. Boy was I wrong. We followed the road to a dead-end and that was where we came upon the most lovely little ranch.

There are many stables and sheds. They have a few picnic tables and chairs to sit outside. There are bails and bails of hay at the entrance it is the perfect place for a photo-op. . The smell of country filled the area. It is a beautiful place.

When you arrive you are greeted by friendly staff. They have you check in and sign liability waivers. Then, they take you to where the horses are waiting. Our horses were already saddled and waiting. They helped each of us on and made sure that the kids foot holders were just the right size for each of them.

Once you are on the horse the guides show you how to stop, turn and make the horses go faster. The kids were so excited to be on the horses for the first time ever. The look on there faces was priceless. The guides go on to tell you the basic rules of the tour. Nothing hard at all. Then you are on your way.

The path itself is beautiful. The trees cover the trail. There are many dips along the way. It is so much fun! So peaceful. You really would not believe that you are about 10 minutes away from Sea World San Antonio!! The trails give you the feeling of being out in the middle of the country.

Westcreek Trail Rides is the perfect place for an unforgetable outdoor experience. They have such affordable rates that everyone will be able to get the chance to experience the wonder of horseback riding.

1 Hour Trail Rides … $40 per rider

Group Rides for 6 or More Riders … $30 per rider

Overall it was a wonderful experience. One that I would recommend to anyone. Have you ever been horseback riding? What about a horse trail tour?

          12230 Westcreek Oaks   San Antonio, TX 78253  210-721-6882      Facebook        Twitter              Google+       

*  We received a discount on our tour in exchange for a review.All opinions are our own.

Happy Trails to you and your family as you travel on this adventure of life,





56 thoughts on “Westcreek Horse Trails- The Best in San Antonio

  1. I love going on horseback when on vacation. I wish it didn’t cost that much, but I know upkeep is expensive.

  2. Looks like a fun place! I have only been horseback riding a couple times in my life and they were great times. Pricing is very good also.

  3. OMG! I will be writing my “The One in San Antonio”! This is a sign. Luv your writing!

  4. OMG, my daughter is going to freak! We live in Round Rock and she loves horses. Thanks for sharing
    andrea recently posted…Never Underestimate the Need for a Strong Spiritual Foundation  My Profile

  5. I am so in love with horses. I can’t aait for my daughter to be old enough to learn to ride!!

  6. I love horses and have always enjoyed riding. Westcreek Horse Trails looks like an interesting place to visit for all those who would like some soft adventure activities with the magnificent horses.

  7. Wow. I haven’t gone on a trail ride in EONS! I used to competitively horseback ride and now I can’t even remember the last time I even SAT ON A HORSE – it’s nuts to me!!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…We’re Not Tuckered Out… Part Two Of Our Safari in AfricaMy Profile

  8. This looks so peaceful! I love to just jump on a horse and take in the scenery there!
    Deanna recently posted…The Sex of It All With A Salted Caramel Kahlua Layer ShotMy Profile

  9. I too have been considering taking the family horseback riding. My husband was like the hose whisperer when he was a child and it’s been years since he’s been back in the saddle. I think this just pushed me past considering and into let’s do this!

  10. I spent so much a of childhood riding horses. I can’t wait to rekindle my love, and expose my children to the wonders of riding!

  11. I rode a horse only a handful of times in my life. I actually rode one in the water in Jamaica, wow what an experience I didnt even know horses can swim!

  12. Oh wow. You are so lucky. I have never been horseback riding before. This is fantastic.

  13. Westcreek Horse Trails seems like a nice place to visit. I hope to see it soon.
    emmanuel damian recently posted…Strawberry Mamon from Pasteleria ManilaMy Profile

  14. Very nice article and pictures. I have not been horseback riding in years. This looked like a lot of fun.
    CurlyWhippedTee recently posted…How To Dress As A Millennial Girl On A Budget “Classy Meets Bossy” EditionMy Profile

  15. both of my uncles had horses while i was growing up. it was always a great time riding them in the paasture i think all kids should have that experience!

  16. We love going horseback riding with the kids. It’s always fun to see their reactions.
    Dana recently posted…7 Ways to Earn Some Extra Money!My Profile

  17. How wonderful, I absolutely love horseback riding! I live just south of Austin, so I’ll definitely have to check this place out. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Marriah Tarango

  18. This looks amazing! What a great adventure and such a fun experience for your kids!

  19. I haven’t been horseback riding since college! This post inspired me to get back out there, I remember now how much I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  20. This is a lovely experience! I tried riding the horse once for photo opp, but never learned how to ride with them. How I wish to enroll on horse riding classes someday!
    Glad you guys had so much fun! And the horses enjoys the ride too 🙂

  21. What a perfect day! I have never ridden a horse and this is one of my great wishes! I hope that this year I will go with children on such a trip.

  22. That’s awesome that they got their first horse rides. I’m a little intimidated by horses, lol. Honest!

  23. I was so obsessed with horses when I was younger and only rode a few times. These trails look perfect for a horseback ride, nice find.

  24. This looks like such a fun thing here. I know my daughter would love going to a Ranch like this and going on a trail. I will have to talk to her about a birthday opportunity.
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  25. What a beautiful trail!! Wish there is one like this here!

  26. I have never been to a trail like this before but I have had a love for horses since I can remember. This looks like such a great time.

  27. I have always wanted to try horseback riding. After all this time I’ve never had the opportunity. I really hope that moving back to the South will allow me the chance now!

  28. That looks like such a fun place! We have a similar place in Saratoga, Ca! I haven’t gone but this makes me want to check it out!

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